Splatoon 2's Latest Stage And Weapon Are Available Today

We can't beat Splatoon's pun game, sorry.


The squid research lab is back at it again to keep the freshest Switch game up and running. Splatoon 2's latest free update will include the Snapper Canal map and a returning weapon from the original Splatoon, the Bamboozler 14 Mk 1.

The Snapper Canal map was revealed just recently in the latest Nintendo Direct. Nintendo of Europe tweeted out some images, showing off the map's massive bridges and river running straight through the middle. This map is already available in game at the time of publication.

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And to no one's surprise, the title's latest weapon fits its namesake a little too well. The new charger weapon, the Bamboozler, is actually made of bamboo. It should be circulating globally later tonight or tomorrow morning.

For those over in Europe this weekend, don't forget about your Splatfest to answer the age old question of over or under. North Americans, there's more in store for you too. Today Nintendo revealed a most spooky Splatfest coming October 13: vampires versus werewolves.

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