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Splatoon 2 Gets A New Weapon And Great Map Tonight

Welcome to Kelp Dome.


Splatoon 2's next free DLC is on the way tonight. In addition to another free weapon, Nintendo is bringing back a great map from the original Splatoon.

Beginning at 7 PM PT/10 PM ET, players will be able to pick up the Heavy Splatling Deco from the Ammo Knights weapon shop. The Deco is a modified version of the standard Heavy Splatling. It features the same stats as the regular gun, but it boasts a bedazzled ink tank and comes outfitted with a different sub weapon and special.

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In Splatoon 2, the Heavy Splatling Deco's sub weapon is the Splash Wall, which allows players to place a temporary barrier of ink on the map. Its special is the recently added Bubble Blower. Once the special is activated, players can release up to three large bubbles that will float around the stage and explode when shot with your team's ink.

Arriving alongside the Heavy Splatling Deco is Kelp Dome, one of the best stages from the first Splatoon. This map is modeled after a self-contained ecosystem and features grated walkways between its different sections. Nintendo has also added some "new twists" to the stage, such as extra grates and more turf to ink. You can see screenshots of it below.

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Kelp Dome isn't the only new map coming to the game soon. During this week's Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo revealed Snapper Canal, an all-new stage set beneath a bridge. What makes this map unique is that it's divided in half by a river, so players will have to figure out how to bypass it to reach the center portion and gain the advantage. A new brella weapon called the Tenta Brella was also announced, though Nintendo hasn't said when either will be available in the game.

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