Spiritfarer Teaser Prepares You As Ferrymaster For The Dead

Is this the Good Place?


Spiritfarer is shaping up to be a colorful and whimsical take on death, and the game's new teaser trailer shows off the jobs you'll be doing as a ferrymaster for deceased souls. Managing the dead isn't easy, and there are quite a few moving parts to keep under control.

In the gameplay teaser, we see protagonist Stella cut down a tree with the help of the spirit cat Daffodil, and later mine for ore that is used to power the ferry. She can also shear sheep, buy items, and harvest crops, and she can feed townspeople in order to strengthen relationships. Despite the macabre central theme, it's still a lighthearted game with kindness at its core.

Flipping the sadness surrounding death into something positive makes Spiritfarer unique, and according to creative director Nicolas Guérin, it was about accepting your own emotions. Back in December, Guérin told GameSpot that Spirifarer aims to show that death is normal, as are feelings of grief after losing someone.

The colorful visuals help with this, as do moments when Stella finally has to leave her deceased friends. At this point, only their memory will survive.

It's a far cry from Sundered, developer Thunder Lotus Games' previous project. The Metroidvania game featured violence and downright disturbing bosses.

Spiritfarer releases this year for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and it will be available through Xbox Game Pass. It's playable cooperatively, with one player controlling Stella while the other controls her cat Daffodil.

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