Spider-Man Will be Aged 15 in Marvel's Forthcoming Reboot

Teen Spidey!


For the second time this decade, Spider-Man is being rebooted for the big screen, and now the director has spoken about his approach to the Spidey story.

Jon Watts is the man in charge of bringing the wise-cracking wallcrawler to cinemas in 2017. As Den Of Geek reports, Watts has discussed the film, which stars British actor Tom Holland as Peter Parker, with Empire magazine.

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"I love the idea of making a coming-of-age high school movie. We're really going to see Peter Parker in high school and get deeper into that side of it. He's just 15 now," said Watts. "Tom was pretty perfect. He's very athletic. He can actually do a backflip! If he didn't already capture the spirit of the character, with that on top, the kid is Spider-Man".

Watts' additional quip that "there are only so many times you can kill Uncle Ben" confirms that he won't be telling the overly familiar origin story. In April this year, at a press conference for Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige explained that they were working on the basis that viewers were already familiar with Spider-Man's origins.

"In Spider-Man's very specific case, where there have been two retellings of that origin, for us we are going to take it for granted that people know that, and the specifics," Feige said. "It will not be an origin story. But we want to reveal it in different ways and spend much more time focusing on this young high school kid in the MCU dealing with his powers."

Ahead of the standalone film, it is expected that the new Spider-Man will make his first Marvel Studios appearance in Captain America: Civil War, which is due in May 2016. In February this year, a deal was struck between Marvel and Sony--who hold the big screen right to the character--to allow Marvel to include him in their ongoing Cinematic Universe. 2017's Spider-Man will be a co-production between both studios.

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Excited to see this now that marvel got involved. The previous ones where good, but not amazing. Wondering how well they will pull it off though... American "Teenagers" always seem to be 30-somethings pretending to be high-school jocks.

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@validifyed: It will be the worst I'm betting. Much like the new Fantastic Four.

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Awesome. Spider-Man will work great in the MCU as a teenager-- sort of set him apart from the rest of the ensemble. I always liked him better as a highschool student anyway. Can't wait to see what they do with him-- Sony's been bringing the lame.

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oy vey..all this time and they seem to refuse to do any good Ice Man stuff, despite the whole story of him getting so powerful they had to inhibit his powers and what not. Plus, his ice slide mode of transportation would prvide for some cool effects. They even sort of screwed him out of the XMen movies.

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Jesus Christ, stop the spiderman reboots. Give other characters a shot.

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The best movies IMO were the original 2; Willem Dafoe's performance as Green Goblin was stellar and Dr. Octopus was a great and understandable villain as well. I only disliked the overdue romance (and peter parker crying lol). Part 3 sucked as they tried to cram 3 villains in one movie and it didn't worked out.

The reboot series might be more true to the comics as well as having better CGI effects, but I felt that they had no soul in them, especially the sequel. And now I'm very skeptical of a 15-year-old Spiderman reboot; what the hell are they thinking? Disney must have had a hand in it.

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@cboye18 said:

Disney must have had a hand in it.

Of course they did; they had a hand in every one of these movies. Disney created the MCU! They've earned my trust.

But I have to agree with you about the old Spidey movies. On all counts!

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@cboye18: "And now I'm very skeptical of a 15-year-old Spiderman reboot; what the hell are they thinking? Disney must have had a hand in it."

spiderman was a high school student to begin with, bringing him into the MCU means he has to be young and new to his powers otherwise where was he during the attack on new York?

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@cboye18: Not Disney. More like Stephenie Meyer.

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How will this reflect videogames?

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@JediSlein: Well, you see a lot of Spider man games. Now you're aware they'll be called Spider boy games lol.

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I don't like like that he's 15. I understand they want spiderman to be young- but 15!? C'mon. I'll probably just be rooting for the villain and shouting "HE'S ONLY 15!" every time spiderman dodges death. What problems does a 15 year old have? Too much homework? Oh the angst. I can't even hope he gets the girl because I'll feel like a pedophile. I dunno...the whole thing is disappointing.

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@DVONvX: "What problems does a 15 year old have?"

being bitten by a radioactive spider? his dead uncle? his dead parents? trying to help other? super villians? said super villains not discovering his identity so as they can't hurt his loved ones? (great civil war story line there)

saying "What problems does a 15 year old have?" depends on the teenager

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@DVONvX: You clearly don't understand Spider-Man as a character, nor will you probably every try to, so there's no point explaining how stupid and invalid your arguments against this sound..

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@hoyholyhoy: I understand. I just don't care for a 15 year old. Even the good stuff of spiderman doesn't happen until he goes to college. 15 is too young.

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Good! I hated that new kid doing amazing spidercrap movies. This reboot might actually not suck.

The original SM trilogy is epic though (the third one was mediocre, but still better than any ASM).

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@4kgamer_lmxxx: Hahaha!! same opinion here bro, the original Spider-Man trilogy is epic. I hope this newest reboot movie will be better than Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies. Cross fingering

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@4kgamer_lmxxx: Yeah, the Andrew Garfield movies sucked. They changed so much for the worse, but the absolute lamest thing they did was making Peter Parker a 'brooding, cool guy'. He's supposed to be a nerdy outsider-- that's half the character's appeal.

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@4kgamer_lmxxx: I don't know. I'm getting the exact opposite vibe about this movie. I think its going to be worse than ASM. The guy describes the film like he's going for a Twilight audience. Who the hell cares about Spiderman's adolescent problems? Nobody could ever understand what a 15-year-old would go through if suddenly given super spidy powers so, why even try? And does anyone really care? I sure don't. I'm not interested in his girl problems or his family issues. Or any other "I wish I was a real boy" crap. It was cool when I was 12 and reading the comics. Not so much as an adult going to a $20 a ticket movie.

My son loved the original Spiderman movies. He watched then dozens of times. He has never seen either ASM except for the first 45 minutes or so of the first one. He got bored and went to his room to play some games. I think this new one is going to be even more awkward and worse than the first two reboots.

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@bdrtfm: $20 per ticket? Ouch! That's twice as much as I've ever seen. Where do you live?

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Next reboot of the origin story will be Peter Parkers birth.

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@EdAl2112: Some pig

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To be honest, there's no need to show how Spider-Man got his powers at this rate. Everyone should be familiar with the origin as of now, just go straight to the action, a few flashbacks is okay but not too much. Man of Steel made the same mistake, [almost had it right the first time] Seeing Krypton got destroyed was a good setup when baby Clark crash on Earth and got straight into the action but way too many flashbacks. I just hope Marvel get's the idea that there's no need for an origin how he got his powers, just go straight into the action.

P.S This time Marvel, no more Green Goblin, it's time for a new villain who hasn't made it into the Spider-Man movie.

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Great another mature movie from marvel


Avatar image for hehe101

Great another mature movie from marvel


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Oh dear. Another disaster on the way.

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If it were not for Disney's hand in this, the character would've been Miles Morales. At least then we would get a fresh new idea for a new movie, it would generate revenue for comic book sales and it would've tied in nicely with the upcoming Avengers sequals.

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This is getting ridiculous how many times can you reboot a movie

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He is not even old enough to **** his love interest in the movie, that does not make sense unless he is Lolita.

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@galva86: Weird comment! Do you have an issue with kids not being able to have sex? Superhero movies tend not to thrive on the strength of their sex scenes, funny that!

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@jimdigby: its called sarcasm good sir

Avatar image for jimdigby

@galva86: aaah, I did not get that! :-)

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make spiderman like 30 or 40, im tired of seeing him as a teenager. next reboot they probably will make him a toodler.

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How many fcking reboots are they gonna produce?

Also where can I pre-order this game?

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This is the 3rd friggin reboot. If it's another origin story I will go insane.... there are so many better stories to tell and we get it, he gets bit by the spider, we don't need it told yet again.....

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@sargentpsgamer: They already said it isn't an origin story. It's right there in the article.

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@The-Neon-Seal: Didn't read all of since him being 15 already turned me off, but you are right. Sad day for me..... one day we will get a spider-man movie that doesn't consist of him crying about Ben.....

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The first Spiderman up to 3 were good. The reboot was great but now this is just how not to do it

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Sony movies this going suck also ghostbusters reboot so Sony movies lost money every year . Sony from Japan will close movies business very soon.

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@playstationzone: It's actually being made by Marvel Studios as part of the MCU.

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@The-Neon-Seal: so Sony sold rights that's why getting another reboot.

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K, well the idea of Peter Parker still being in High School is actually cannon, so people can quite whining about that.

It should be interesting to see where they take the premise though if they aren't doing another origin story.

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Spider Man: Twilight Edition

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Oh, wow! A re-boot of a re-boot!

**** you Hollywood.

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@xdude85: blame Sony for this.

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"I love the idea of making a coming-of-age high school movie. We're really going to see Peter Parker in high school and get deeper into that side of it. He's just 15 now,"

Great, a teenage high-school movie....

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@johnd13: Featuring Kristen Stewart as Mary Jane and Robert Pattinson as Harry Osb...

Wait a minute.... NO!!! NOT EVEN AS A JOKE!!

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@StonerDemon: The last two were already like that!

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