Spider-Man: The Movie goes gold

Activision's superhero action game will ship to stores tomorrow.


Spider-Man: The Movie

Activision's upcoming superhero action game Spider-Man: The Movie has gone gold and will ship to stores tomorrow, according to a company representative. The game is based on the upcoming film, Spider-Man, and it lets players assume the role of Spider-Man and embark on a quest to stop the evil plans of the Green Goblin and his minions. The game includes a new combat system and a variety of new enemies. It also has a free-roaming control system that lets players rise and descend while swinging, bank around buildings, make zip lines between buildings, and cut web lines for sudden drops.

The PC version of Spider-Man: The Movie was developed at Gray Matter, and it is scheduled for release this week. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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