Spider-Man Swings to Dreamcast

Activision announces a port of the Spider-Man game for the Dreamcast console.


Spider-Man (1991)

Activision will continue its trend of porting its strongest franchises to the Dreamcast with the development of Spider-Man for Sega's console. The company announced that Treyarch is developing the Dreamcast version of Spider-Man, and the game will be released in spring 2001. According to Activision, the Dreamcast version will share its levels and such aspects as the Marvel superherocameos with the PlayStation version, but it will have enhanced graphics that take advantage of the Dreamcast hardware.

"Spider-Man for the PlayStation game console wowed both gamers and critics alike by capturing the true essence of the comic book series," said Larry Goldberg, executive vice president of Activision Studios. "The swift action of the web-slinging superhero will translate well onto Dreamcast with its 128-bit graphics capability."

Spider-Man includes 34 levels in such locations as the Daily Bugle, Times Square, and a New York bank. In their attack arsenal, players have the traditional moves such as trapping and impact webbing and new attacks such as web-doming and web spikes.

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