Spider-Man Supreme Is Coming To Marvel Contest Of Champions

The new Spider-Man variant will face off against villain Spot in Contest of Champions' new event quest Arachnophobia.


New champion Spider-Man Supreme is coming to mobile character collector Marvel Contest of Champions. This variant version of Spider-Man got his powers from a spider that was locked away within an ancient artifact, and trained with the Ancient One to channel that power into spells and sorcery.

Spider-Man Supreme is the seventh version of the popular character to be added to Contest of Champions' roster, and is pitted against villain Spot in the new Arachnophobia event quest. Both characters have been introduced in a new motion comic.

Spider-Man Supreme will be available in game from October 6, while Spot will be arriving on October 18, with the Arachnophobia event running for around two months. Their official character bios can be read below:

Spider-Man Supreme:

When bitten by a strange spider that crawled out of an ancient artifact, Peter Parker's psyche was suddenly bound to the power of the Spider-Verse. Under the tutelage of the Ancient One, Peter learned to channel this power into spells and enchantments and adopted the title of Spider-Man Supreme.

The Spot:

While working on experimental portal technology using Darkforce energy, M.I.T. doctorate Jonathan Ohnn succeeded in creating a solid black circular portal. When the portal became unstable, Jon jumped in and was instantly transported to the Spotted Dimension. Ohnn managed to crawl back out, but doing so covered his body in black spots; portals from the other dimension. Jon realized that the spots allowed him to transport himself instantly through space, and thus began his thriving criminal enterprise as The Spot.

The two new characters join over 200 already available in game, including other denizens of the Spider-Verse, and plenty of the MCU's most beloved heroes and villains.

Marvel Contest of Champions is free-to-play on both iOS and Android.

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