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Spider-Man "Still On Track" To Hit Marvel's Avengers This Year

Marvel's Avengers' PlayStation-exclusive DLC hero Spider-Man is "still on track" for this year, but won't release until sometime after the summer.


Despite things being quiet regarding the DLC character, developer Crystal Dynamics confirmed that Spider-Man will release this year for Marvel's Avengers--though an exact release date has still not been announced.

Speaking to GamesRadar about the imminent release of Black Panther: War for Wakanda, senior game designer Scott Walters said the team is "still working" on Spider-Man and that the webslinger will arrive this year.

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"Yes, we are still working on Spider-Man," Walters said. "We planned on releasing him this year, and he's still on track for that."

It's unclear where in Spider-Man's development Crystal Dynamics currently is, though the superhero won't get added to the game's roster until sometime after summer. Still, Spider-Man will remain a PlayStation exclusive.

Marvel's Avengers' upcoming expansion, Black Panther: War for Wakanda, launches for free on August 17. It adds Black Panther as a playable hero, and it also adds new enemies, missions, and villains. Crystal Dynamics hosted a War Table livestream on August 16 breaking everything down.

In a hands-off preview of the War for Wakanda DLC, we walked away impressed by Black Panther's nimble fighting style, which packs a serious punch. We also had the chance to chat with writer Hannah MacLeod and Walters to learn a bit more about Marvel's Avengers' latest expansion.

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