Spider-Man Spinoff Films Still Being Worked on, Sony Boss Says

"There's a concerted effort."


When Sony's Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed to meet box office expectations in 2014, the studio made a deal with Marvel Studios to allow the iconic wall-crawler to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man: Homecoming is set for release next year, but a question remains about the Spider-Man spinoff films that were in development before the Marvel deal was made. Now Sony boss Tom Rothman has hinted that we might still see them.

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During an interview with Collider, Rothman was asked about the status of the spinoffs. "We are working on a lot of that stuff," he said. "There's a concerted effort, so I think there will be real news as opposed to speculated news before too long."

The two main projects that were in development at Sony prior to the Marvel deal were Sinister Six and Venom films. Earlier this year, THR reported that Venom was in active development at the studio, with a writer hired to work on a script. The site stated that it was being seen as part of "a franchise apart from and unrelated to the upcoming Spider-Man movie with actor Tom Holland."

The Sinister Six was originally intended to follow Amazing Spider-Man 2, with Daredevil and The Martian writer Drew Goddard both writing and directing. Last year, Goddard spoke to IO9 about the project, and explained that his idea for it would still work within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"We take Peter, put him on an adventure, we put him back in his life," he said. "I intentionally wanted a movie that didn't have to worry about mythology and continuity. It was important to me to make a movie that could stand on its own."

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