Spider-Man Slings Onto the Nintendo 64

Activision announces that it has shipped Spider-Man for the Nintendo 64.


Spider-Man (1991)

Activision has announced that it has shipped Spider-Man for the Nintendo 64 to stores. Developed by Edge of Reality, the same company that developed Tony Hawk's Pro Skater for the Nintendo 64, Spider-Man includes 34 levels of gameplay. Spider-Man features webslinging, crawling on walls and ceilings, solving puzzles, and battling bosses pulled straight from the comic book series.

"This is the first video game that lets N64 players live the fantasy of being Spider-Man as they wallcrawl and websling anywhere in a free-roaming 3D New York City," stated Dave Stohl, executive producer, Activision Studios. "The game's unique action system allows players to experience ultra fluid movements as they fight villains and infiltrate laboratories, attempting to uncover a sinister plot that threatens to overtake Manhattan."

Spider-Man for the Nintendo 64 will retail for US$49.99.

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