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Spider-Man Noir Live-Action Series Is In Development At Amazon

Details are slim on this new series, though it seemingly won't have an alternate-reality Peter Parker as the main character.


Amazon is developing a live-action Spider-Man Noir series, following on from the previous announcement of its Silk: Spider Society show.

As reported by Variety, the as-of-yet untitled series follows a slightly older, grizzlier take on the web-slinging hero, set in New York in the 1930s. According to someone with knowledge of the show, it will take place in its own universe separate from everything else, and the main character won't be a version of Peter Parker.

Mortal Kombat (2021) writer Oren Uziel will write and executive produce, and is developing it alongside Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, as well as former Sony boss Amy Pascal. Lord, Miller, and Pascal will also serve as executive producer on the series. Miller has also confirmed the series is in development himself on his personal Twitter account, saying that he can "also confirm that it's going to be amazing."

Spider-Man Noir is the same character that previously appeared Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, portrayed by Nicholas Cage, but there's no indication that he'll be reprising the role or making any other kind of appearance. Cage also recently confirmed that he wouldn't be appearing in Across the Spider-Verse either.

Not much else is known about the show, but it joins Silk: Spider Society in the list of numerous Marvel-Sony shows that Amazon ordered last year. Silk is being developed by The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang, where she'll serve as showrunner and executive producer. Lord, Miller, and Pascal are also serving as executive producers on this series. Several other shows are in development, but it isn't known which Marvel characters that Sony own will be featured in these projects.

In December, Sony released the first full trailer for Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, showing a huge number of Spider-People that are all chasing after Miles for… some reason. The sequel is due to release June this year, and has significantly upped the count of interdimensional versions of New York's buggiest hero.

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