Spider-Man: No Way Home Streaming Service Confirmed, But It's Not Where You'd Expect

Disney+ subscribers are in for a long wait for Spider-Man's newest outing.


Spider-Man: No Way Home will join a streaming service this year, but it's probably not the one you were anticipating. As a matter of fact, unless you've kept up with the complicated web of licensing deals over the past few years, it may actually be the last place you'd have expected: Starz.

Due to a previous licensing agreement with Sony Pictures, Starz has the exclusive rights to the web-slinger's third solo outing, and Deadline reports that it will begin streaming on the service "sometime over the next six months." This may come as a surprise to Disney+ subscribers who were hoping No Way Home would land on a more familiar streaming series, much sooner.

Sony Pictures and Disney signed an agreement last year stating that Sony Pictures theatrical releases between 2022-2026 would release first on Netflix before then becoming available to stream on Disney+. However, because Spider-Man: No Way Home was released in December 2021, it's not included as part of this deal. As such, Starz will retain streaming exclusivity for 18 months, at which point the flick is expected to show up on other major streaming platforms.

If you find it all a bit confusing, you're not the only one. Just rest assured that someday Spider-Man: No Way Home should find its way to Disney+. It just might not be as quickly as we had all hoped.

In the meantime, Spider-Man: No Way Home is still having a hell of a run in theaters, recently becoming one of only 10 films in history to surpass $1 billion internationally. If you've already seen it, we've got you covered on any questions you may have about its ending and surprising post-credits scene.

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