Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse's Review Roundup: Here's What The Critics Thought

The Into The Spider-Verse reviews are in.


With the release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse coming up later this week, the reviews are in. The movie is Sony's first feature-length animated Spidey adventure, and it features no fewer than six different versions of the wall-crawler. It's produced by The Lego Movie's Phil Lord and Chris Miller, with a screenplay by Lord, and the voicecast includes Shameik Moore (The Get Down) as Miles Morales and Jake Johnson (Jurassic World) as Peter Parker, plus Hailee Steinfeld (Bumblebee), Nicolas Cage (Mandy), Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan), and Mahershala Ali (Luke Cage).

Sony's last movie to feature characters from Spider-Man comic books was Venom, which was met with very mixed reviews. However, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has so far received an extremely positive reaction--it currently stands at 99% on Rotten Tomatoes and 83% on Metacritic. And of course, Venom went on to be a huge box office success, so there's every expectation that Into the Spider-Verse will also be a big hit, especially as it arrives in theaters just before the holidays, on December 14. So let's take a look at the reviews...

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GameSpot -- no score

"Its heart is pretty simple. Anyone, anywhere, has the power to be as heroic and as special as Spider-Man. It may seem a bit saccharine, typed out in so many words, but it's a message that superhero comics--that Spider-Man comics specifically--have been touting for ages, and something that's been long overdue for a big screen debut. It probably wouldn't work if Into The Spider-Verse weren't just so funny, self aware, and bleeding-edge modern--but it is, and it does. The end result is an instant animated classic, and, with any luck, the first of many of its kind." -- Michael Rougeau [Full review]

Collider -- A

"I had high hopes for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and the movie surpassed them. Having seen three different iterations of Spider-Man in the past 16 years, I assumed that Spider-Verse would be backed into a corner with its only cards to play being Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker and animation instead of live-action. Instead, it has surpassed the other Spider-Man movies by breaking down the character without ever losing sight of an entertaining, lovely story. If you feel like you've seen all the Spider-Man you can handle, just wait. You haven't seen anything yet." -- Matt Goldberg [Full review]

AV Club -- B+

"In the end it plays more like a celebration of both insane comics continuity and the mutable nature of superhero identification. Characters endlessly derived from a single superhero power-set can be hackneyed, but when the movie bands a bunch of those characters together with a lead Spidey of black and Latino heritage, it's making a convincing case for how familiar superheroes can refresh themselves when new faces take up the mantle. For that matter, it makes a cleverly self-serving case for an animated spin-off of a much-adapted character. This is the seventh Spider-Man feature film in 16 years, but this universe has rarely felt so fresh." -- Jesse Hassenger [Full review]

The Hollywood Reporter -- no score

"It helps to be well-versed in Spider-Man lore to fully appreciate Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, a free-wheeling, fast-and-loose, strikingly animated addition to one of the biggest library of films in the Marvel collection. Faced with the challenge of how to further expand the franchise without sating both the character and fans, Marvel and Sony have borrowed from the comics to introduce a fresh origin story that both references the past and swings into a new, thoroughly multicultural and multi-Spidified future." -- Todd McCarthy [Full review]

Den of Geek -- 5/5

"That Miles Morales can share the screen with one of the most recognizable icons in all of pop culture and still clearly be the hero of his own story is impressive, and a testament to the obvious love that went into crafting both the character and his world. Delivering that kind of emotion in a movie this big and brash is no small task. It's the kind of achievement that brings to mind the adjectives usually attached to one of Peter Parker's comic books. Amazing. Spectacular. Sensational." -- Mike Cecchini [Full review]

Uproxx -- A

"I love this movie and I love that it exists. I love that Sony took a risk on a (yes) somewhat complicated premise and turned it into something unique and funny and daring (and weird). I don't always love the concept of “rooting” for movies to be financially successful, but I do hope Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse succeeds and sets off, not just a few more of these Miles Morales Spider-Man films, but also a whole plethora of studio-backed animated superhero films that can take real chances. This animated movie has more heart and emotion than most live actions films of this genre." -- Mike Ryan [Full review]

Screenrant -- 4.5/5

"Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse offers nearly two-hours of stunning and altogether captivating animation that's beautifully rendered to bring the superhero origin story of Miles Morales - and the Spider-Verse - to life in a never-before-seen manner. Although the threads left hanging for a potential sequel may be somewhat more fascinating than the fairly by-the-numbers origin story of Miles, the multiverse does provide a unique twist on Miles' coming-of-age hero tale from awkward teenager to self-confident superhero." -- Molly Freeman [Full review]

The Wrap -- no score

"Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse represents some of the best superhero storytelling on the market. The frenetic animation and freewheeling story offer audiences a sense of boundless dynamism. It's not the first time a director has attempted to incorporate comic book iconography into a feature-film adaptation, but it's the most appealing. Watching Into the Spider-Verse evokes feelings of sitting cross-legged on the floor of your bedroom, eating cookies and immersing yourself in outrageous, mostly inviting new worlds." -- William Bibbiani [Full review]

Insider -- A

"Despite a wordy tongue twister of a title, Into the Spider-Verse feels like a comic-book come to life. Sony's vibrant, hilarious holiday movie is gorgeous to look at, is incredibly self-aware, and delivers the big screen debut of a few new Spideys that will become household names." -- Kirsten Acuna [Full review]

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