Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Sets A Box Office Record

Into the Spider-Verse scores the highest December opening in history for an animated movie.

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The new animated Spider-Man movie, Into the Spider-Verse, is not only a success with critics, but it's doing big business at the box office as well.

The movie opened this past weekend, and it made $35.4 million over its first three days in the United States. That sets a new all-time record for any animated movie released in December, according to Collider. Into the Spider-Verse was the No. 1 movie of the weekend by far, with Clint Eastwood's The Mule ($17.2 million) coming in second place for the three-day period.

Into the Spider-Verse holds an incredible A+ CinemaScore rating from movie-goers, which suggests the movie will perform well into its second weekend and potentially beyond.

With its international box office figures added in, Into the Spider-Verse has now made $56.4 million after just one weekend. The film had a reported budget of $90 million.

Into the Spider-Verse is just the latest Spider-Man film from Sony, which licenses the character Spider-Man and others from Marvel. Sony's previous Spider-Man movie, the spinoff Venom, was a massive success at the box office, taking in more than $850 million.

Into the Spider-Verse features the voice of Shameik Moore as Miles Morales in the lead role.

In GameSpot's Into the Spider-Verse review, Meg Downey wrote that the film is an "instant animated classic, and, with any luck, the firm of many of its kind."

You can see the full Top 10 box office chart below, as rounded up by EW. Of note, the CGI-filled steampunk film Mortal Engines from Peter Jackson and other Lord of the Rings veterans, is off to a slow start and might end up losing $100 million or more.

December 14-16 Domestic Box Office

  1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse -- $35.4 million
  2. The Mule -- $17.2 million
  3. The Grinch -- $11.6 million
  4. Ralph Breaks the Internet -- $9.6 million
  5. Mortal Engines -- $7.5 million
  6. Creed II -- $5.4 million
  7. Bohemian Rhapsody -- $4.1 million
  8. nstant Family -- $3.72 million
  9. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald -- $3.65 million
  10. Green Book -- $2.8 million

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Avatar image for blackhairedhero

That doesn't seem like it's that much. Pixar movies make 3x that over the weekend.

Avatar image for olddadgamer

@blackhairedhero: I don't feel like researching this, but I bet they mean "non holiday weekend." Pixar stuff usually drops over long weekends, right? This movie was just some random weekend.

Avatar image for olddadgamer

Excellent film, and a well deserved box office haul.

Kinda surprised, though, seeing this article. Saw it this weekend and the theater was maybe 25% full. I came out thinking "Wow, that was good, too bad it flopped." Go figure. But I saw a 130 show. Maybe everyone was Xmas shopping and seeing it at night.

Avatar image for bat725

Let the over-hype begin! If you haven’t heard this song before, check out reviews for Black Panther and Wonder Woman. Clearly, these are the greatest comic book movies ever made! At least, until Ms. Captain Marvel comes out, and they establish her as the most powerful hero in the MCU. They’ll have the critics eating out of their hands, to be sure.

Avatar image for bakula

@bat725: It's only because Miles is a main character. People are scared to criticize now, hell even express that something is mediocre lest they get chastised themselves. Over-hype indeed.

Avatar image for Spiritbomb2012

remember this movie was shown 11 days before and again 7 days before it actually released because of Advanced Screenings. i don't know if those counted towards the opening weekend or not, but i for glad i got to see it before all the spoilers started to emerge online during this weekend.

Avatar image for cboye18

I like Spider-man but the idea of having multiple spider-men in order to appeal to different kind of audience is just petty. Make your own heroes instead of coasting on popular ones.

Avatar image for nickpeck36

@cboye18: You do realize there are a bunch of different universes within Marvel comics right? This wasn't just all made up for the movie lol. Having said that, I do know what you mean and can't stand it either.

Avatar image for sakaixx

Hopefully aquaman can do good. The movie was very entertaining.

Avatar image for edwardnygma

It is definitely not that good.

Avatar image for redhedjack

...damn. That's seriously impressive.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

Quite a few Marvel fanboys want the Sony films to flop just so Disney can get the rights permanently but it looks like the Sony super hero movies are here to stay for now at least.

Avatar image for bakula

Sony is garbage and shouldn't ever be able to do live-action Marvel. Do you even remember Electro? They simply don't respect the material and have no idea how to construct their movies. At least Marvel knows wtf they're doing.

Avatar image for m4a5

@gamingdevil800: Of course people want it in Disney's hands. Sony has been inconsistent with the Spiderman IP. Disney has at least been consistently putting out decent Marvel films.

Avatar image for bat725

@m4a5: Yeah, but their vision for Spider-Man is terrible. No one wanted to see Spidey as Iron Spider aka Tony Stark’s “ward”.

Avatar image for m4a5

@bat725: And by that flawed logic, no one wanted to see a multiverse Spiderman. But people seem to be enjoying it anyways.

Avatar image for bat725

@m4a5: I understand it’s waaaaay better than Homecoming. At least it’s the Peter Parker we all know and love.

Avatar image for Elranzer

It was pretty ok. Entertaining for sure.

It felt more like the first three episodes of a TV show watched in a row, rather than a movie.