Spider-Man: Homecoming: What Do The Mid-Credit And Post-Credit Sequences Mean?

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WARNING: Spectacular spoilers ahead.

The newest Spider-Man film hits the big screens in the US tomorrow, and as usual with modern comic book movies, there are some interesting scenes spliced into the end credits that could (or maybe not) point to major upcoming events. So what exactly are the two post-credit sequences in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and what do they mean?

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The Vulture In Prison

This first post-credits scene answers a big question that was lingering at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Namely, just what would Michael Keaton's Adrian Toombs do with the knowledge he had about Spider-Man's true identity? For right now, nothing seems to be the answer. In this scene, we see Toombs AKA the Vulture on what looks like his first day in prison. He's approached by Mac Gargan, who we saw earlier on the Staten Island Ferry buying weapons from Vulture's gang. Gargan tells Toombs he has no hard feelings about what went down, but that he heard a rumor that Toombs actually knows the secret identity of the webhead himself. Toombs lies, and simply replies that if he knew who Spider-Man was, that the costumed hero would be dead already.

So why exactly did Toombs lie? Was he protecting Spider-Man, given that it was Spidey who saved his life at the end of the film? Or does he actually want to keep the secret to himself, so he can be the one to finally finish Spider-Man off when the time is right?

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Comic book fans will also know that Mac Gargan isn't just some petty goon. Gargan is actually supervillain Scorpion, and his inclusion in Spider-Man: Homecoming may be hinting at a future appearance for this iconic Spidey villain.

Captain America's Final Lesson

While Captain America technically isn't in Spider-Man: Homecoming, he does make several appearances throughout the movie via some cheesy instructional videos shown to the students of Peter Parker's high school during various bits of the film. But Cap's final video is by far the funniest and plays off some of the frustrations fans have with post-credit sequences in modern superhero movies.

In the final sting--which appears right at the very, very end of the credits--Captain America walks into frame, and imparts one final lesson about the merits of being patient. Good ol' Cap says how important it is to be patient, even when the rewards seem to be inconsequential or seemingly not worth it. It's a hilarious, self-knowing wink and caps off Spider-Man: Homecoming on a high note.

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