Spider-Man: Homecoming Has A "Unique, Surprising" Tone, Director Says

"I'm pretty proud of the tone we struck. It's fun."


The new Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, has a "unique, surprising" tone that will set it apart from the films that came before it, according to director Jon Watts. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Watts talked about how the story builds in scope and significance throughout it.

"I think it has a unique, surprising tone that's different from the others, and different from the other movies in this universe," he explained. "I'm pretty proud of the tone we struck. It's fun. It's able to go from a very small story, and really emotional small stakes and just get bigger and bigger until it's on a massive scale without ever losing sight of the story we were trying to tell."

As we saw in the new trailer that arrived today (see it above), Homecoming will have action and humor. The film follows a 15-year-old Spider-Man who is in high school, leading up to his battle against the evil Vulture, who is played by veteran actor Michael Keaton.

Holland told THR that Homecoming was a "nonstop job." He did a lot of his own stunts and ended up injuring himself on-set one day.

"I've never worked harder on anything in my life. It was a nonstop job and I felt so passionate and proud of what we were creating," Holland said. "I'm so proud that I was able to give my best, and I'm so grateful that I didn't get injured. I did a lot of stunts. At the very end, I fell down some stairs, and tweaked my ACL just a little bit."

You can read the full interview here at THR.

Spider-Man: Homecoming premieres on July 7 and also stars Robert Downey Jr., Marisa Tomei, and Donald Glover. For lots more on the new trailer, check out GameSpot's in-depth video breakdown here.

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Trailer is awful. Sometimes, that means the movie will be good. :)

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Can we please just have a spiderman thats all about that action and not some emotional, love sick spiderman that at some point stops being spiderman and then returns to being spiderman because his girl is in danger. Can we not focus so heavily on spiderman's love life this time. The last reboot had so much potential and I think they ruined it because they focused on his love interest too much.

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How do you tweak your Access Control List while falling down stairs? Impressive.

Oh, right, thanks Google.

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i know actor demands for face time but heck ,in the whole trailer,spidey is unmasked like the entire movie. come on.... his agent must have gotten a good grip of the director's balls... and shit every time he talks its sound like crystal clear studio recording environment shit guys, do some proper mix in.. its 2017 for good sake...

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Whenever i hear a Director describe a movie as "Unique", it usually means that it follows a well established formula but will have one very small element that they think is "edgy" or "pushes boundaries". The media usually falls for this though, so i don't blame them for doing it.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Has A "Unique, Surprising" Tone, Director Says

if it's anything but a teenager battling uncertainty with a underdog story it will be unique

ill still watch it but it seems like every action/comedy reboot movie that comes out these days isn't all that funny(some good jokes but mostly just tourette syndrome), the entire genre has become a cliche then again why mess with a established bread winner

if i'm wrong then kudos but no one can hope to replace Tobey Maguire as spiderman in my book he was the best

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@turkeygod: Tobey lacked one thing, sarcasm and humor. If he could have nailed that then he would be irreplaceable.......until spiderman 3 came along. I dunno what happened to him there he just wasn't the same as the first two.....like he was just tired of it at that point.

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@mentalrevolt: but he played a sad beat down teenager pretty well

but i agree the third just wasn't nearly as good as any other spiderman movie reboot included

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Maybe they'll do spiderman justice this time around. It seems to be the one franchise they just cannot get right now matter how many reboots it gets.

*edit* I mean the second franchise......keep forgetting about Fantastic Four (for good reason lol)

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Meh, it most likely will be another cliche MCU movie.
Not hating, I like 'em, but God, they all feel the same.

First act : Omg, look at how badass they are. They kick all the asses.
Second act : Oh, no. They lose their power. Oh, no. The bad guys are winning.
Third act : Oh, nevermind. They kick all the asses again. Rides into the sunset.

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@hansond_jaysond_lee: Um, isn't that just the structure of almost every movie ever made? Act 1, introduce the characters. Act 2, put them through challenges. Act 3, they work it out and (more often than not) emerge victorious. The MCU is far from the only franchise that does this.

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@hansond_jaysond_lee: Dont forget the emotional feeling sorry for myself portion where spiderman is all sad because his relationship with his girlfriend is all complicated.