Spider-Man: Edge of Time slicing stores this fall

Developer Beenox's second entry in series will feature branching Spider-Man 2099, Amazing Spider-Man storylines; Peter David penning plot.


Last year, Activision published Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, the first entry in the series from Quebecois studio Beenox. Though the game didn't get the best reviews, its critical and commercial reception were solid enough that Activision named Beenox the lead developer of all of its Spider-Man games going forward.

Spider-Man is getting edgy with his next game.
Spider-Man is getting edgy with his next game.

Originally, Beenox and Activision were to reveal the next Spider-Man game at WonderCon 2011 this Saturday, April 2. However, today they jumped the gun, announcing that Spider-Man: Edge of Time will ship this coming fall. No platforms were mentioned, but Shattered Dimensions was released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PC, and DS.

Like Shattered Dimensions, Edge of Time will take place in separate worlds--in this case, the contemporary Amazing Spider-Man universe and that of Spider-Man 2099. The latter is based on a 1992 comic series, which introduced an alternate future version of Spider-Man, one that was also featured in Shattered Dimensions.

The Spider-Man 2099 series was scripted by famed Marvel writer Peter David, who is also penning the plot for Edge of Time. The game will task players with saving the life of Peter Parker in the modern-day Spider-Man universe in order to prevent an errant timeline from creating a bleak, apocalyptic future. The game will feature "cause-and-effect" gameplay, where one Spider-Man action will affect the other Spider-Man's timeline.

Further details on the game will be revealed at the Spider-Man WonderCon panel on Saturday, April 2, and GameSpot will be on hand at the event.

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