Spider-Man 3: Fake Titles Teased And New Photos Revealed

A third MCU Spider-Man film is in the works, but Peter, Ned, and MJ seem to disagree about the title.


The MCU's third Spider-Man movie has been given not one but two titles thanks to stars Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon's posts on Instagram, which have dubbed the movie Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker, Spider-Man: Home Slice, and Spider-Man: Phone Home, as well as teasing photos of Peter, MJ, and Ned from the movie. [Update: An official title and release date have been revealed: Spider-Man: No Way Home releases on Christmas Day.]

And it's not just the subtitles that contradict one another--the logo treatment in either post is completely different with Phone Home boasting some very green (Green Goblin, perhaps?) and yellow colors, Home Slice having a more vibrant pinkish purple loo, and Home-Wrecker going for a much more understated grey with blue and red drop shadows.

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The movie stills show Ned, Peter, and MJ in what looks like a dilapidated building, with one room at least partially covered in snow and another apparently some sort of basement.

Tom Holland may be a Marvel Cinematic Universe darling as Peter Parker, but he's also notorious for "accidentally" leaking critical information about his projects on social media--so much so that Marvel Studios has made his infamously bad secret-keeping something of a bit for major announcements--but the added layer of Batalon's contradictory post does make this something of a head-scratcher.

It could be a nod to the multiverse--a concept that the MCU is introducing through shows like WandaVision and upcoming films like Dr. Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness--after all, a movie with a multiversal spin could definitely have two (or more) completely different titles. This could make sense, given the casting rumors swirling around the project and potential returns for former Spiders-Men like Andrew Garfield and Toby McGuire--though Holland himself has spoken out against the buzz.

Tom Holland is scheduled to appear on Jimmy Fallon tonight at 11:30pm. These teasers could hint at the real title may be revealed during the show, so Spider-fans may want to keep their eyes peeled.

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