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Spider-Man 3? Creative Director Says It Could Be "Pretty Epic"

"I think it would be pretty epic."


Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is out now, but people are, of course, already wondering where the story might go next. Nothing is certain yet, but senior creative director Bryan Intihar has teased what's potentially on the horizon. Appearing on the Friends Per Second podcast featuring GameSpot's own Lucy James, Intihar said a potential third game could be "pretty epic."

"If Spider-Man 1 and Miles Morales were like our Iron Man, and Spider-Man 2 was like a Civil War, where logically do we go from there? I think it would be pretty epic. But, you know, we'll see," Intihar said.

It's worth it to watch the video, as Intihar makes some intriguing facial expressions as he takes his time and chooses his words carefully when discussing the future of the series.

The 2018 original Spider-Man sold more than 33 million copies, and expectations are high for the sequel as well. In essence, no one should be surprised if a third entry eventually gets announced.

Developer Insomniac is also working on a Wolverine game with Marvel, and maybe a Venom-specific game in the future, too. Insomniac is owned by Sony, so its future games would likely be exclusive to PlayStation platforms at launch, and potentially come to PC later on.

For anyone just starting out with Spider-Man 2, be sure to check out GameSpot's rundown of all the Spider-Man 2 suits and how to get them. If you've already finished the game, you can check out GameSpot's breakdown of Spider-Man 2's ending and what it means.

GameSpot's Spider-Man 2 review scored the game an 8/10. Reviewer Jordan Ramee said, "All in all, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 may largely give us more of what we've played in Insomniac's previous Spider-Man games, but that winning formula is still so damn fun that it really doesn't matter."

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