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Spider-Man 2 Mixes Up The Puerto Rican And Cuban Flags, But A Fix Is Coming

Insomniac's community and marketing director says a fix is already on the way.


Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has launched to critical acclaim, but it didn't take players long to spot instances of what appears to be an error related to a Puerto Rican flag (or lack thereof) inside the home of hero Miles Morales and his mother Rio, as well as around New York City.

As spotted by players on Reddit and Twitter, a flag displayed inside Morales' apartment that fans assume should be the Puerto Rico flag, given Miles' Puerto Rican ancestry, is actually the Cuban flag. Another user on Twitter, Sephiroth0017, pointed out what appears to be another instance of the error, with multiple Cuban flags hanging alongside the US flag above the streets of New York City. Twitter user CaninOxK9 spotted another instance of the mistake, with a Cuban flag instead of a Puerto Rican one appearing inside Teo's Grocery.

The Cuban and Puerto Rican flags are similar but use different colors. The single star on the Puerto Rican flag is housed within a blue triangle and features red and white stripes, while the Cuban flag features a red triangle with blue and white stripes.

In a reply on Twitter to a player calling out the error and asking for a fix, Insomniac community and marketing director James Stevenson acknowledged the mistake and said a fix "is coming for that," but didn't give a timeline of when the update would arrive. Other planned updates coming to the PlayStation 5 exclusive before the end of the year include a new game plus mode and the ability to replay missions.

Sony recently announced that Spider-Man 2 had broken sales records to become the "fastest-selling PlayStation Studios game in PlayStation history," selling more than 2.5 million copies in its first 24 hours on sale. In 2022, Sony's God of War Ragnarok sold 5 million copies in a single week, while The Last of Us: Part II sold 4 million copies in three days back in 2020.

GameSpot's Marvel's Spider-Man 2 review calls Insomniac's superhero sequel "a great game and one well worth seeing all the way through from its bombastic beginning to its emotional end," praising the way the game handles the story of its dual protagonists as well as its web-slinging gameplay.

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