Spending $1,000 Might Not Get You The Fire Emblem Heroes Character You Want

It's free-to-play, but there's no end to the money you can spend.


A player has spent $1,050 on Fire Emblem Heroes to amass a collection of characters, but that still wasn't enough to obtain them all.

Reddit user Kookoo22 has shared screenshots of their in-game barracks, revealing their collection of 500 characters. 35 of those are five-star, while more than 150 are four-star. Most of the rest are three-star characters.

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Kookoo22 has been answering questions about the process in the comments of the Reddit post. Some fans have noticed that, despite the large sum of money spent, seven characters--including Hector, Tharja, and Nowi--are nowhere to be seen. Heroes uses the Japanese gacha model, where you can pay to unlock characters at random. Even with $1,000 sunk into the game, it wasn't enough to collect them all.

"I have a really good job and I don't really spend on much else besides the necessities, my entertainment budget is mainly gaming related," Kookoo22 said when asked about spending so much.

They go on to say they won't be continuing until the focus summon changes; this influences what characters you're likely to obtain when summoning. Nintendo has said future expansions will introduce more characters. Once that happens, Kookoo22 notes they'll spend "probably $100-$200" to unlock the new additions.

Spending $1,000 on a free-to-play game will undoubtedly seem outrageous to some, but it's typically these types of players--known as whales--that free-to-play game developers rely on to stay afloat. For their part, Kookoo22 stated they don't have any regrets--"so far."

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