Spelunky coming to PC on August 8

PC version of last year's XBLA hit to be released via Steam and GOG.com.


Randomly generated platformer Spelunky will be released for PC on August 8, the game's official website has confirmed.

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Spelunky on PC will be available on both Steam and GOG.com. "Spelunky is returning to PC on August 8th, 2013!", wrote developer Mossmouth. "The walls are shifting…"

The new PC version is based on last year's remastered Xbox Live Arcade port of Spelunky, which itself was a souped up version of the game's 2009 freeware release on PC.

GameSpot awarded the Xbox Live Arcade version of Spelunky an 8.5 in its review last year. "When you finally conquer something that has been hounding you for hours, you feel like the best darn explorer on the planet, and that feeling overshadows all the hardships you overcame down the troubled path you traveled."

Alongside the upcoming PC version, Spelunky will also be released on the PlayStation 3 and Vita in summer 2013.

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