Spelunky 2 Announced For PS4 And PC, Watch First Trailer Here

Spelunky 2 is coming to PS4 and PC; we just don't know when.

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Update: Creator of Spelunky, Derek Yu, has now confirmed the sequel is "coming first to PS4 and Steam." No other platforms have yet been mentioned, but the original came to numerous systems, and the use of "first" suggests it will end up on more than just these two. Original story follows.

At today's Paris Games Week PlayStation Conference, Sony revealed a sequel to the popular rogue-like title Spelunky. Shockingly, it's called Spelunky 2, and it's coming to PS4.

In addition, a brief trailer was shown off, showing the message, "Looking to the skies, the walls are shifting once again," hinting the new game might be set in space or in the sky, as opposed to the first game's mines, jungles, ice caves, and temples. No release date was mentioned, and we don't currently know whether the platforming title will come to other platforms. As this was announced at a Sony event, we only know that it's coming to PS4, but the first game came to numerous platforms, so it's possible we'll end up seeing this on PC, Xbox One, or Switch. Notably, however, there was no mention of a Vita version.

Spelunky 2 is being developed by Mossmouth, the indie studio behind the first game, along with Blitworks, which helped out with porting the original to multiple platforms. Elsewhere in the media briefing, Sony revealed Detroit: Become Human's release window and showed off a new The Last of Us: Part II trailer. For more from the European event, check out the biggest PlayStation news from Sony's Paris Games Week press conference or relive the announcements again firsthand with our Sony Paris Games Week press conference liveblog.

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I haven't played the first yet '-_-

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Derek, you magnificent SOB

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They show you a trailer that shows you nothing. Thank you for the excited trailer

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I'll wait for the Switch version. These indie 2d games are just a dream on the device.

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Excellent news indeed...

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If u listen closely u can hear tom mcshae die of a boner somewhere

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@freeformrulz: you remember McShare? Was his favorite game?

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a sequel to my favorite game ever