Spellbreak Adds A New Mode And Prologue Chapter In Major Update

Clash, a 9-on-9 team deathmatch mode, is available now in the free-to-play title.


Spellbreak has received a major new update, adding the game's first new mode and a prologue chapter to the free-to-play magic-based battle royale. The Prologue: The Gathering Storm update is now available on PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

The new mode is called Clash, and it's a 9-on-9 team deathmatch mode where each team is simply aiming for the highest kill count. It's described as "low on stress, but high on fun", with a heavy combat focus. Each side has three squads of three players, and you can still gather gear and level up skills across a match as you can in Battle Royale.

The circle is still present, and it will lead players around the map to keep the battle tight, while also ensuring that players are funneled into areas that suit this sort of gameplay. Upon being defeated and "exiled," players will get to keep their gear and levels, but will also drop equipment that can be looted by the other team (or their own team members, if they manage to finish off whoever took you down).

The introduction of Clash mode means that Duos is being disabled. Spellbreak will continue to rotate playlists and and out of the game as it goes on.

This update also begins the "chapter system", which is how Spellbreak will deliver on-going content. The Prologue gives you 25 levels of unlockable rewards, tied to completing missions for Avira Emberdane--you can earn outfits, cloudbursts, afterglows, titles, cards, and gold. Every week there will be new quests to complete, and the Prologue will be free so that everyone can try it out. Further chapters will likely be paid, as this is essentially the game's Battle Pass.

Spellbreak is also celebrating "Hollowed Eve" with new horror-themed cosmetics available in the shop. Some of these are bundled at a discount, so players looking to dress up for Halloween can do so.

This update also contains various tweaks and fixes, some universal, some tied to specific platforms. For more, check out the full patch notes.

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