Speed Kings E3 2003 Preshow Report

This arcade-styled motorcycle game will mix elements from games like Burnout and Road Rash.


Currently in development by Climax London, Speed Kings is a motorcycle racing game that focuses heavily on an arcade style of gameplay. You will be able to select from three single-player modes in Speed Kings, as well as five multiplayer options. A total of 22 bikes will be featured in the game, all based on real-world bike models. Additionally, in-game equipment and gear will be authentic, sponsored by Shoei and Alpinestars. Each rider in the game will be unique in his or her own way, both in riding style and attributes. All riders will have their own specific taunts as well. The game will also include a number of reward-based hidden features that can be unlocked throughout the game.

Speed Kings will feature arcade-style handling and control, focusing more on stunt action than realism. The most unique of these stunt moves will be a power downslide. Performing one will allow you to slide underneath low objects, such as tractor trailers and lorries. The game will also feature a host of unique jumps and other flashy trickery. Speed Kings will give you the ability to engage in combat against other riders by punching and kicking at them as you pass by. Attacking other riders will cause them to crash, thus helping you to advance in the race. CPU players will attack you right back, however, and you can crash just as hard as they do. Crash effects will be done in real time to make damage look extremely realistic.

Speed Kings is set to be released on all three current console platforms this May and will be shown at Acclaim's E3 2003 booth. Expect a full review of Speed Kings in the coming weeks.

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