Speed Devils Online Preview

Speed Devils, the Dreamcast arcade racer, got an Internet mode, a few more cars, and a few graphical tweaks. The result is Speed Devils Online.


Speed Devils Online Racing

Speed Devils was one of the better Dreamcast titles available at the system's launch - an arcade racer that drew inspiration from hot rods, extreme racing, and other games like Cruis'n USA and Beetle Adventure Racing. Soon, fans of the game will be able to get another fix of Speed with Speed Devils Online, the game's massively multiplayer sequel.

While the game is being touted as a sequel, Speed Devils Online sounds more like an add-on to the original game than a full-fledged game of its own. The game will feature all the tracks found in the original game, with only one new track, raceable in its three different seasonal variations. You'll also be able to find all your favorite cars from the original game, as well as 11 brand-new cars. While the focus of the cars in the first game was primarily on hot rods and other classic muscle cars, Speed Devils Online's vehicles will have a more futuristic feel. The new racers will be concept cars and other futuristic roadsters.

The biggest feature of Speed Devils Online is the Internet multiplayer mode. While no solid details have emerged about the Internet mode, it is known that you'll be able to play in a Gran Turismo-like career mode. You'll purchase a car and race up to three other players over your Internet connection. You'll be able to place bets on yourself, or even race for pink slips. As you earn money, you'll be able to upgrade your car using the game's comprehensive upgrade system. To keep things fair, you won't be able to use your online car in single-player matches - you'll have to start a separate career mode if you want to compete with a customized car in regular, offline multiplayer races.

The game will use the physics engine from the original Speed Devils, but will feature a brand-new graphics engine full of new visual effects. Not much else is known about the graphics or the sound.

It's unfortunate that the game won't feature more new elements, but the online feature should be enough to keep the hard-core Speed Devil junkies busy. Look for Speed Devils Online to hit stores this November.

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