Speed Devils Online Details

The first gameplay details emerge on Speed Devils Online for the Dreamcast.


Speed Devils Online Racing

As reported previously, Ubi Soft announced its upcoming Dreamcast game Speed Devils Online at its recently concluded press event in Hawaii. GameSpot spoke with the game's producer Xavier Fouilleux and came away with some early details.

The most obvious change from the original is the game's online component. Up to five players can take part in networked racing action. Additionally, SDO will take the betting aspect of the original to the online venue. Players can place bets on races for money or to win your opponents' car. The one-player betting option will remain similar to the original, where players earn money to upgrade their vehicle or to buy new cars. The second major change in Speed Devils Online is that unlike the original the cars and tracks will now be futuristic in their look and feel. The game will include 22 of these originally designed racers and 16 tracks in all. The courses include Aspen summer, Montreal ice storm, Hollywood disaster, Mexico, and Louisiana tornado, among others.

Further details on Speed Devils Online, including the first screenshots, will be available soon.

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