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Buena Vista Games' upcoming original DS action role-playing game will put a sci-fi spin on the old Pokémon formula. We checked out a nearly finished version.


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So far, Nintendo has been uncharacteristically slow to bring classic, role-playing-game-style Pokémon games to its wildly popular DS platform--though the next installments in the core series, Diamond and Pearl, are finally due out in late April. In any event, the long-running series will see competition in the gotta-catch-'em-all space in early March with Spectrobes, a similar action RPG with a sci-fi bent. From what we've seen so far, it provides surprisingly complex creature-raising gameplay with a number of attendant minigames that make use of the DS's various unique input features. And hey, you get to excavate fossils, which isn't something you see in a game every day.

Spectrobes is the sort of game that you look at and immediately assume is based on a kids'-TV-series-and-toy-line property of great popularity, but in this case you'd be wrong. It's actually an entirely original creation that Buena Vista and developer Jupiter (of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories fame) surely hope will catch on with youngsters. The game thankfully doesn't shove a ponderous amount of story down your throat. You take control of ace space agent Rallen, who's patrolling the galaxy with his spunky sidekick Jeena under the watch of hard-nosed Commander Grant. At the outset, you're sent down to a nearby planet to investigate a crashed object that's been detected there.

Once on the planet, you discover an old man named Aldous, who has apparently been in hibernation inside his escape pod for some time. Aldous warns of an approaching menace called the krawl, a ravenous species of amoebic creatures that devoured his own galaxy and are now coming for yours. Humans stand no chance against the krawl, but Aldous says a long-extinct race of tough, scrappy creatures called the spectrobes do. But if they're extinct, how are they going to fight off the krawl? That's where you come in (and where the gameplay opens up); it's your job to roam around various planets, search for the fossil remains of various spectrobes, bring them back to life, and nurse them to a fighting state so you can take on the krawl that you'll inevitably encounter in your travels.

After you unearth a spectrobe, you can nurture it into a fighting adult in the lab.
After you unearth a spectrobe, you can nurture it into a fighting adult in the lab.

Spectrobes is an RPG at its core, but it uses the DS's input features quite a bit. You'll have a child spectrobe following you around each planet (the first one is provided by Aldous), and you can tap your spectrobe to make it expand a search radius that will reveal any buried fossils, mineral deposits (which make the spectrobes grow up), and cubes (which contain vital information) in the area. We could see this constant stop-and-search process getting a little tedious, but the items are so widely distributed that you can't go more than a minute or two without finding something. Moreover, later spectrobes have different search-enhancing abilities that should help out your hunt.

Once you've found something, you'll drop into a touch-screen minigame where you can scan through the dirt to see the general shape of the object you're excavating. You've got a couple of drills and a blower that you use to chip away at and free the object. However, if you drill too much into the item itself, you'll ruin it and lose the chance to excavate it. This minigame is pretty entertaining because you have to be fairly exact with your drill work to get most of the fossils out without damaging them.

There will be one other unique way to obtain spectrobes. Each game will include a handful of plastic cards (not trading cards, mind you) that have a group of numbered holes on them. At various points in the game, you'll get to access a computer terminal that will ask you to overlay one of your cards. You'll lay the card across the touch screen and tap the holes in the order specified on the card face; this will unlock a unique spectrobe or item for use in the game. Buena Vista is encouraging players to trade these cards with their friends. Extra cards will purportedly be available through some sort of unannounced promotion at a later time as well.

You've also got an extensive spectrobe lab on board your ship that you can use to revive and grow the creatures. To wake up a spectrobe, you'll have to talk to it. You're not exactly whispering sweet nothings to it, but you do have to keep the volume of your voice within a certain range (which varies by spectrobe) to coax it out of its fossilized state. (We found blowing on the microphone would also work effectively here.) Afterward, you can grow your baby spectrobes in an incubator by feeding them the specific minerals you find out in the world. Each of these minerals confer different benefits, such as strength or health boosts. Or you can take one out into the world to help you search for more.

Your quest to repel the krawl menace will take you from one world to the next.
Your quest to repel the krawl menace will take you from one world to the next.

All this spectrobe recovery and fostering is independent of Rallen's own development, which seems traditionally RPG-like so far. You can level him up and gain new equipment of various kinds to increase his offensive and defensive capabilities, which pale in comparison to those of the spectrobes, at least early in the game. The combat proceeds in real time, where you run Rallen and two spectrobes around an arena and make them all attack the krawl independently. Each spectrobe has its own form of attack; one spins around and hits enemies within range, while another rolls forward in a straight line. And, as mentioned, you'll get to steer the evolution of the ones you collect to tailor their combat prowess to your liking.

Spectrobes has a pretty solid presentation so far. The graphics aren't extremely detailed, but the game uses both screens to show you a lot of traversable ground at one time, which looks pretty neat. The computer and lab interfaces where you revive and evolve the spectrobes are all touch-driven. They also look futuristic and high tech, which adds some atmosphere to the sci-fi-styled proceedings. The game is due out in March, so you can look for a full review then.

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its a great game for the ones who asked :) there are 26 normal and a few special spectrobes i got 2 of them nor they arein there evolvded stage when unlock them i am not sure how many theere are but u can still change the 26 cos evry spectrobe has 3 difrent weapons and 3 difrent colours so u can change a lot about them

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Looks pretty cool, there are about 500 spectrobes apparently in the game.

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Does anyone know how many spectrobes are in this game

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That trailer is kinda creepy. The fat kid lit only by a DS screen almost touching his nose... well, it made me think I need to play less, and I'm 27. And, frankly, the kid with the blond, curly hair whispering "wake up" into his console looked straight out of an 80's Steven Spielberg produced movie. It's nice that they kept the Japanese connection, though. I wonder if the character will still say "Let's go" in Japanese in the final game. It'd be a nice touch.

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This looks great i have already reserved my copy and waiting for it to come out in the stores

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This game looks like some great fun! The intricate process of excavating landed this game for me before I even finished reading the review; which only brought even MORE interest to me! Pokemon is a great series, but I don't like the turn-based action; this real time, 3D rendered action will do wonders for me, and for I believe SEVERAL people! This game is going to create quite the crater when it hits the markets, I just hope I can get it before it's gone... Like most gamers I know, I hate waiting. P.S. Shouting Wake-up at random times in a public place will be my ne favorite thing to do. :]

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Lok out Pokemon...Spectrobes is coming with a surprise >=)

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Seems interesting enough to check it out.

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I'm sure the geekier players (like myself) will just be getting the card templates online and printing them out. I don't like how these games/companies are trying to nickel and dime you to death with "cards" that you must buy to enhance the game experience. I spent a small fortune on MTG stuff and have been burned by it.

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I got the idea...Good game, but buena vista ruins its reputation by creating a tv series that sucks. The game will be good because of Jupiter,makers of Chain of memory.KH

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this looks like a great game, best game for ds maybe

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Reminds me of Digimon, specially in Trailer 2, the yellow looking monster looked like Renamon.

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I can tell disney just bought this of some company. But still lokks pretty good.

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Ill wait till the review and if it good, then i will get it...

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looks good.Really good. but i'll wait till others talk about it

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The way it seems to be coming along I think I'll get it. Plus all the dumb new Diamond and Pearl pokemon are steering me away from it.

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Could probably be O.K.

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Looks pretty cool, I'll wait until it's out for a while to see what others think. But I'll prolly buy it. I need a DS RPG to sink my teeth in for a while.

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I'm definitely getting this game, when it comes out.

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Okay, im going for it now

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Looks very interesting. I'm a Poke-nut myself (can't wait for Diamond and Pearl) but this looks like another top notch game and not just a rip off of our beloved Pokemon franchise.

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whow this game looks sweet~... im getting this for sure. somehow its like the new generation of pokemon. but what if its just the graphics that are good? im getting it anyways

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This will be the first game I have purchased for my DS in a long while. :)

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I am soooooooooooooo siked for this game. and if some1 sees u playin pokemon and ur in high skool u look well..., wierd but if u play this in high skool no1 will even no or care what it is.

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I really want this game. Same with that other one. Vampire thing. Yeah. I want some good DS RPG's... Slime force dragon quest thing was a waste of 30 US dollars. Aight. GG.

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Promising...promising... Still need a real Poke-fix but this game also seems...promising...

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Hmm...gotta keep my eyes on this one.

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Looks totally awesome! I can;t wait to get my hands on it. (Or a demo at least)

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sounds pretty cool.. though it could get tedious rather quickly.

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Looks promising! They sure put a lot of money in the trailer... which is really cool too. Let's wait to see.

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mmm, looks much better than the new pokemon (i

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this gaming is lookin to be pretty awesome, i think im gonna buy it

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that loks kinda cool

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game looks cool i think i'll go buy it

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Interesting, I am a bit more intrigued now than I was before. Though the slight trepidation I still feel is in the voice commanding and the battle system. From what I could see on the trailer, it looks like it opens itself up to an attack from the "Lag" monster. Plus, the Real time battles with three different allies, could prove either ingeniously complex or annoyingly tedious, I just hope that is closer to the former. All-in-all, the hands-on seems like it went rather well, and that GS liked it for the most part. more than likely, if I have a fifty laying around with no better use, I'll buy it. Anyway, I'm more interested in how they're going to handle the costumization of your actual Spectrobe via the card system. (Though I do hope it's not something as annoying as "I NEEEEED THAT CARD..." Or you need card #365 to give your favorite Spectrobe its ultimate ability or status boost...) Oh well, I guess we'll see in March.