Spectrobes goes Beyond the Portals

Sequel to Disney's space-faring action RPG will support community-oriented DGamer and is slated to arrive this fall for the Nintendo DS.


When Disney first gave gamers a look at its social networking service DGamer for the Nintendo DS at last year's E3 Media and Business Summit, the House of Mouse said one of the first titles to implement the new technology would be Spectrobes II, due out sometime this year. Today, Disney officially announced the next installment in the scavenger-esque action role-playing game, saying Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals is currently slated to arrive for the DS this fall.

Spectrobes returns with Rallen, Jeena, and a host of black oozy things.
Spectrobes returns with Rallen, Jeena, and a host of black oozy things.

Beyond the Portals is a direct continuation of Disney's 2007 best-seller, and picks up again with intergalactic patrol officers Rallen and Jeena policing the universe with help from once-fossilized, now-reawakened creatures known as Spectrobes. This time out, players will be able to assume the role of both Rallen and Jeena, and puzzles that require her skills will play a more prominent role in the game.

Again developed by Jupiter, Disney is promising a number of new features for Beyond the Portals, including a 3D perspective, revamped fossil excavation and battle mechanics, additional creatures, and an online battling mode made possible by way of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. As mentioned, the game will also implement Disney's DGamer online community hub.

According to today's announcement, Beyond the Portals will act as a launching point for Disney to "expand the series in the coming years."

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