Special SC5 Promo Video

Space Channel 5 fans take notice: We've got an extremely new and rare video download for you to check out.


While we were recently in Tokyo eating strange foods and generally carrying on, we were able to snag a special edition Space Channel 5 CD-single. Aside from the SC5 theme song and a remix being on the disc, it also doubles as one of those snazzy MilCDs that Sega initiated in Japan for use with the Dreamcast.

While the CD works just fine in conventional CD players, it gives you that little something extra if you play it on your Dreamcast. Aside from accessing a special web page on the Dricas web site, the GD-ROM also features a special Space Channel 5 promotional video. Since the likeliness of anyone having a chance to see this in Japan, let alone in the States, is unlikely we've ripped it to video right here, right now, for your viewing pleasure. Who says we're just a bunch of selfish brats? Anyway, Ulala is ready and willing to shimmy and shake, so click the link and sit back for Ulala-fest 2000!

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