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Special Lord Of The Rings Magic The Gathering Card Is Literally One Of A Kind

Only a single copy of this One Ring variant will ever exist.


During the WeeklyMTG livestream's first look at the upcoming Lord Of The Rings: Tales Of Middle-earth expansion for Magic: The Gathering, Wizards Of The Coast revealed a special variant version of The One Ring. While card variants are nothing new for Magic, this particular card has an interesting--and appropriate--wrinkle: only one copy will ever be printed.

The special "1-of-1 One Ring" variant is a traditional foil card showcasing the iconic artifact, with a "001/001" indicator just above the text box and all written text replicating that which is inscribed on the ring. The announcement came alongside the reveal of Sol Ring reprints that pay tribute to the Elven, Dwarven, and Human rings of LOTR legend.

The One Ring's special one-of-a-kind variant.
The One Ring's special one-of-a-kind variant.

This special variant of The One Ring will only be found in an English-language Collectors Booster pack when the set launches this summer. According to the official Amazon listing for Collectors Booster packs, "the odds of a Collector Booster including The One Ring (Serialized 1 of 1) card is <.00003%," or as Twitter user ChiStyleGaming describes it, "in other words, WotC projects ~3 million Collector Booster packs in circulation. You’ll need to open ~250K Collector Booster boxes at $440/each ($110M) to find the Ring."

The special One Ring was among multiple cards revealed for the first time during this preview livestream, with Frodo, Samwise, Gandalf, The Shire, and Mount Doom also among those receiving the MTG card treatment. More cards are set to be unveiled leading up to the set's launch on June 23, with previews scheduled to begin May 30.

The next Magic: The Gathering expansion, March Of The Machine, will launch on April 21. Previews for that set will begin March 29, and prerelease events at local game stores will be held April 14-20.

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