Special Forces heading to Battlefield 2

Expansion to EA's multiplayer war effort now official; new elements include six soldier classes, 10 vehicles, high-tech weapons.


Many gamers are still licking their chops with Electronic Arts' popular first-person shooter/vehicular combat game Battlefield 2 for the PC. The game was released less than a month ago by Swedish developer Digital Illusions CE (DICE), and has taken up its fair share of bandwidth in many homes.

Now, the game is preparing for its second invasion--albeit a more covert operation. EA and DICE today confirmed the inevitable and have officially announced that an expansion for the online multiplayer war game is in the works from Digital Illusions Canada. Titled Battlefield 2: Special Forces, the add-on brings some of military's best butt-kickers to the battlefield.

There will be six new character classes to choose from, including Navy SEALs, British SAS, Russian Spetznaz, the fictional Middle Eastern Coalition Special Forces, rebels, and insurgents. EA hasn't laid out the details of the 10 new vehicles or Special Ops weapons and gadgets that will be in the game, but it has revealed that they will be the "most technologically advanced vehicles and weapons systems available to man."

Digital Illusions is currently working on Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, and PSP.

Battlefield 2: Special Forces is scheduled to deploy this fall, and requires the original Battlefield 2 to play. For more information on Battlefield 2, do some recon with GameSpot's full review, or download the game's demo from GameSpot DLX for a taste of the combat.

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