Special-edition version of Indie Game: The Movie out starting July

Bonus features include short films, extra commentary, and epilogues; DVD and Blu-ray boxed sets out only in August and available for preorder.


A special-edition version of the 2012 documentary Indie Game: The Movie has been announced.

Indie Game: The Movie featured the developers of Super Meat Boy.
Indie Game: The Movie featured the developers of Super Meat Boy.

This edition will be released on July 24 and will include 300-plus minutes of footage, which include epilogues for the developers featured in the film. It also includes additional commentary tracks from developer Team Meat's Edmund Mcmillen and Tommy Refenes, as well as from directors Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky.

Film buffs can buy this edition through Steam for $15. Fans who own the first film can get it for $5. Physical copies for the film are also available: the DVD boxed set costs $69, while the Blu-ray version costs $89. Customers who preorder the sets will instead pay $59 for the former and $69 for the latter. The boxed sets will not ship until August.

Indie Game: The Movie chronicles the lives of indie video game developers and the trials they endure to follow their passion. The developers featured in the film include Team Meat (Super Meat Boy) and Phil Fish (Fez).

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