Special-Edition Pikachu New 2DS XL Model Launches This Month

Pika, pika!


In an influx of Pikachu-related news, a limited edition New 2DS XL is on its way to the West. Later this month, everyone's favorite electric mouse is getting its own iteration of the 3DS-game-playing system, Nintendo has announced.

The bright yellow handheld features a close-up of Pikachu's cheery face and rosy red cheeks with brown accents. Like the rest of the 2DS family of systems, this model will not have 3D capabilities, but does have every other feature of the New 3DS like Amiibo scanning and the c-stick. It will be available on January 26 for $160 / £117.

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The reveal of this system comes after the announcement of 3DS title Detective Pikachu's western release and giant $30 Amiibo figure. The title released last year in Japan, but localization details were not revealed until today. The game will launch in March for $40 / £35.

Along with the release of the New 2DS XL: Pikachu Edition system is the digital version of Pokemon Crystal. This 2001 Game Boy Color game is the sister title to Pokemon Gold and Silver. Pick it up on January 26 in the Eshop for $10 / £9.

In other Pokemon news, Pokemon Go won't work on some older iPhones after a forthcoming update. For those still playing Sun and Moon or Ultra Sun and Moon, make sure to head on over to our list of free gifts you can get in both versions and check out why Ultra Sun and Moon won't be coming to Switch.

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