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Special Destiny PS4 System Bundle Coming in September for The Taken King

Destiny-branded system coming soon.


Coinciding with the release of Destiny's third expansion, The Taken King, Sony will release a special Destiny-branded PS4 system bundle in September.

The bundle includes a white system adorned with a galaxy map, a Guardian's crest, and the Destiny logo on the top. The console is equipped with the standard 500 GB hard drive, rather than the 1 TB drive that Sony is bringing to Europe.

We're guessing the white controller the system comes with won't have its face buttons and d-pad swapped, as in the picture below. Check out more photos (without that gaffe) in our gallery.

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In addition to the system, the bundle includes Destiny: The Taken King's Legendary Edition, the version of the game that consists of all content available to date. That includes the base game and all three expansions, as well as some digital bonuses, like armor shaders and emotes. Keep in mind this is not the same as the Collector's Edition of The Taken King, which also comes with some physical items.

The Taken King is a major expansion (hence its $40 price tag), with Bungie describing it as "more than DLC--it's a game." The developer recently outlined its contents, which includes everything from new story missions to new Crucible multiplayer maps. Players on PlayStation systems will also get exclusive content (that will come to Xbox later), such as an additional Strike mission and multiplayer map.

A price for the bundle was not announced, but we do know it'll be out on the same day as The Taken King: September 15.

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