Spec Ops: The Line gets free DLC in August

2K Games offering four extra cooperative missions set before events of single-player campaign, will feature new levels and playable characters.


The wait for Spec Ops: The Line is over as the game finally launched today, but it has been replaced by the wait for free additional content for 2K Games' first-person shooter.

2K wants to give gamers who finish the single-player story a reason to hold The Line.
2K wants to give gamers who finish the single-player story a reason to hold The Line.

2K Games today announced that it will release free downloadable content for the game "approximately" in August. The added content is a series of four cooperative multiplayer missions set prior to the outset of the full game's single-player campaign. Players will work their way through new areas with different playable characters, fighting enemies as well as sandstorms in order to accomplish their objectives.

Developed by German studio Yager (which worked on the Aerial Strike series as well as the 2003 game that shares the studio's name, Yager), Spec Ops is a first-person shooter in a near-future setting. The game attempts to distinguish itself from the rest of the military shooters on the market through its narrative, which sees a US Delta reconnaissance squad travel to a sandstorm-ravaged Dubai to investigate the reappearance of a thought-dead colonel.

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