Spec Ops: The Line drawn in spring 2012

2K Games narrows release window for Yager's modern military tactical shooter to early next year on 360, PS3, PC.


2K Games announced Spec Ops: The Line back in late 2009 and in the process attached a far-future late 2011 release date to it. Though the lead time on the game's announcement seemed excessive back then, two years proved to be too brief for German studio Yager to finish the game, and Spec Ops was bumped to mid-2012 earlier this year.

With Dubai engulfed in a sandstorm, Spec Ops: The Line brings new meaning to the phrase
With Dubai engulfed in a sandstorm, Spec Ops: The Line brings new meaning to the phrase "gritty tactical shooter."

Today, 2K Games narrowed the release window for the tactical shooter, saying Spec Ops: The Line is now expected to arrive for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in the spring 2012.

Along with an updated release window, 2K Games also provided its first update on the trajectory of the game in over a year. As detailed in GameSpot's new preview, Spec Ops: The Line seeks to augment its tactical shooter gameplay with a compelling narrative. That narrative sees a US Delta reconnaissance squad travel to a sandstorm-ravaged Dubai to investigate the reappearance of a thought-dead colonel.

For more information, check out GameSpot's video interview with Yager below.

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Avatar image for lil_Psycho_05

this game looks like the best 3rd person war game ever !

Avatar image for Mawy_Golomb

Hopefully, this won't turn out to be like Homefront, where the narrative failed to deliver on its hype. I really want game developers like this one to succeed, so that we have many more chances of seeing great narrative in future shooters.

Avatar image for InfamousPhilthy

I like the concept. I probably wont pre order it until I see more... But most likely buy it.

Avatar image for CreayBsD

I think this is going to be a must play, but not a pre-order. It looks good right now but iv been let down befor with grate look in game vids.

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I prefer Spec ops ranger elite.

Avatar image for KeleenRem

Black Ops?

Avatar image for CptRexKramer

This game sounded pretty cool when I first read about it. I hope it turns out well. I'm already bored with the current crop of shooters.

Avatar image for dz99ls

ive got this game on my radar but we shall see how it actually turns out

Avatar image for Rocker6

The preview talks about some innovation,yet to me,it seems generic,just another shooter... But maybe they will prove me wrong,we'll see...

Avatar image for dylan417

Lol I remember seeing this game announced years ago at the VGAs and heard nothing of it since. Great news.

Avatar image for pszone

Finally see daylight of this game so take two shipping this next spring whats surprise i hope turns out gd

Avatar image for charlieboomboom

Couldent get enough off the teaser with Alice in Chains ,red rooster.

Avatar image for Halloll

not going to play either way, because it's banned in Dubai.

Avatar image for ChiefFreeman

This game looks painfully average. I remember Greg Kasavin was actually a producer on this game for a while before leaving EA to go work for SuperGiant games. This game will fail.