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Spec Ops: The Line drawn in spring 2012

2K Games narrows release window for Yager's modern military tactical shooter to early next year on 360, PS3, PC.


2K Games announced Spec Ops: The Line back in late 2009 and in the process attached a far-future late 2011 release date to it. Though the lead time on the game's announcement seemed excessive back then, two years proved to be too brief for German studio Yager to finish the game, and Spec Ops was bumped to mid-2012 earlier this year.

With Dubai engulfed in a sandstorm, Spec Ops: The Line brings new meaning to the phrase
With Dubai engulfed in a sandstorm, Spec Ops: The Line brings new meaning to the phrase "gritty tactical shooter."

Today, 2K Games narrowed the release window for the tactical shooter, saying Spec Ops: The Line is now expected to arrive for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in the spring 2012.

Along with an updated release window, 2K Games also provided its first update on the trajectory of the game in over a year. As detailed in GameSpot's new preview, Spec Ops: The Line seeks to augment its tactical shooter gameplay with a compelling narrative. That narrative sees a US Delta reconnaissance squad travel to a sandstorm-ravaged Dubai to investigate the reappearance of a thought-dead colonel.

For more information, check out GameSpot's video interview with Yager below.

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