Spec Ops: The Line delayed to June 26

2K Games pushes Yager's modern military shooter to summer release on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC; multiplayer preorder perks revealed.


Spec Ops: The Line won't be out this spring, as had been previously expected. 2K Games announced today that the modern military tactical shooter will arrive for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in North America on June 26, with an international release slated for June 29.

Spec Ops: The Line has a new release date. Maybe this one will stick.
Spec Ops: The Line has a new release date. Maybe this one will stick.

2K Games did not note why Spec Ops: The Line was pushed past its previous release window.

In addition to announcing worldwide release dates for Spec Ops: The Line, 2K Games noted that those who preorder the game at participating retailers will score a free upgrade to the "Premium Edition" of the game, which includes multiplayer enhancements.

The first multiplayer perk included with the preorder edition of Spec Ops: The Line will grant players twice the number of experience points during the first week of play. In addition, those who preorder the game will be able to unlock the AK-47 weapon and the officer class at rank one. According to 2K Games, the officer class offers numerous advantages, including reducing damage taken by teammates and increasing the performance of other classes.

Finally, the "Premium Edition" of Spec Ops: The Line includes the FUBAR Pack, which includes accessories exclusive to the preorder version of the game. 2K Games did not say what the specific accessories were, but noted players will be able to customize their characters with these "visually distinctive items."

This is not the first time Spec Ops: The Line has been delayed. When it was originally announced in 2009, the game was expected to ship during late 2011. But last May, the shooter was pushed to mid-2012, before being narrowed in November to a spring 2012 launch.

As for the game, Spec Ops: The Line seeks to augment its tactical shooter gameplay with a compelling narrative. That narrative sees a US Delta reconnaissance squad travel to a sandstorm-ravaged Dubai to investigate the reappearance of a thought-dead colonel.

For more on Spec Ops: The Line, check out GameSpot's latest preview.

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i already have this game and its so much fun ps3 players add me Tevin-The-King

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i played the demo and it rocked, cant wait till june 26th!

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I just hope the delays are worth it,sure get tired of waiting,I love playing single shooters!

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After watching the preview of Special Ops: the Line, I definitly will purchase it,I just hope you do not have to push two or three buttons to make your man move or jump or what ever. It appears to be a future great game,I hope the single player is as good as the multi-player(Don't play Multi-player),Looks Great! I already pre ordered.

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@GamerLegend10 Well, I'm aware of the R6 games up to now being first person, I was just unsure if Patriot was or not. Both R6: Vegas 1-2 held minor 3rd person elements when taking cover (Which was used in the majority of combat), plus I hadn't seen any news or footage of it lately outside of a section concerning it in Gameinformer. Still, I'm hoping for the best. I want something different, not what's following the mainstream audience. That's why I loved Space Marines MUCH more than Gears 3 (Which was blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand as hell). "Is it so hard to give other franchises a chance? Should we really act comparative and bias to otherwise harmless and humble games?" This is what we should be asking when confronting new ideas. And people need to learn that even if a game is rated under a 9, that doesn't mean it's garbage.

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Haven't owned a Spec Ops game since Ranger Elite on the PlayStation 1, whether it's the same game still I don't know.. maybe just a similar title :? Either way I'm looking forward to this, should hopefully be good. I'm not going to pre-order just yet though as there's still a chance it will suck more balls than a Thai ladyboy.

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this game and the setting looks great.terrific atmosphere for a battle ground.the combat system has a lot to offer.it will be a great pick for any miltary games fan.

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I agree 100% with you!

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i love story driven games but im starting not to like scripted gameplay im more of the give me the freedom to do with what i will,but hey if nolan north if is voicing the main player im in i love nolan north and david hayter best voice actors of all time

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ANOTHER delay? This doesn't make me feel confident in the quality one bit...

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This one looks interesting. I last seen and read about it in a Game Informer magazine over a year ago, and it looks like it's going to be good. As long as they're getting it right I don't care if it takes em a little longer.

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Well it was set to release same day or a week after ghost recon so now I have some time to play ghost recon before this one comes out. No going to complain.

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i guess it is in fashion to delay games now days.... diablo 3 delayed , Ghost recon future soldier delayed .. this one delayed an many many more games.... WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!?

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@beeftaco3232 You seem to be on here a lot for such a rich and sophisticated person...how do you manage to play all of those many games and lead your wonderful life and still make time for us? you dont have to come on here if you are too busy you know...really we wouldn't mind if you never came back at all. Anyway I dont think there is anyone in the world who could make it onto your list....and there is definitely nobody who would want to. Happy...trolling?

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The mp looks cool

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I have faith that it's been delayed for a good reason, so carry on as is needed.

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I'm looking forwarded to playing is game and hope its all good!.

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@beeftaco3232 Why should anyone want to be on your friend's list and follow those ridiculous rules? "Play whatever and whenever I want"? Are you serious?

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June 26th I might be able to get this then I will have to wait and see.

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Seeing a city of ludicrous oil-bought decadence like Dubai in ruins is almost like watching a Biblical prophecy come to life. Eerie.

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are you kidding me spec ops is incoming

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Damn, I'm actually really looking forward to this. Oh well, I survived the Mass Effect 3 delay i can survive this.

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looks preaty awesome :)

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I had this pre-ordered awhile and i'm getting very tired of all the delay's , so NOW I will be getting my money back on this game and will forget about it !

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@dxBIGBOSSxb Sorry to disappoint but R6 games are FPS's, though if i remember correctly, it goes into third person whilst in cover. It seems very unlikely they would suddenly change now, also im quite sure in a video of patriots it briefly showed it in first person. Nevertheless it looks like a great game.

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Looks interesting; been keeping an eye on this for a while. Legrieme: the problem seems to be an inability or unwillingness at the corporate level to think on longer timeframes. One would think it would be better to have income streams coming online regularly throughout the year (fiscal or otherwise).

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This game, and Rainbow Six: Patriots are exactly what I'm looking for in a 3rd person shooter. (I think Patriots is a TPS) It promises a good story, actions that make you think, and they hold an interesting take on the psychology of a soldier trapped in a war within him/herself over his/her beliefs in cooperation to their government, or their personal beliefs and ethics... It's been a long time since I've seen a game like this. I just hope the execution is well handled.

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Games keep getting delayed over and over as company's continue to put the consumers secondary to their profits. Game company's delay games so they can come out in the beginning of their new Fiscal Year. Doing this is often done when the company doesn't forecast any new games coming out during the next Fiscal Year so to boost their Fiscal Year profits they delay them until the next one so that Fiscal Year doesn't look stagnant compared to the previous one.

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So many games have been delayed recently. Anyway im really excited for this, it looks really well made.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Not sure what to think about this game.Think I'll let the reviews decide should I buy it...

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i preordered this last august for £5 from game. a couple months later they upped the price and sent me 2-3 emails a day saying the price has gone up but i shouldnt worry because id still only pay £5

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June 26 huh so if I don't pre-order it now then I won't get all the stuffs that should had being in the game to begin with? Sorry 2K Games but unless I know this is worth playing I won't be buying it anytime soon. The game does soon interesting though.

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why not make us wait another year why wont you...?

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hope this turns out well and not like a 6/10 game

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I can't argue with a game that goes with the acronym FUBAR. That is great!

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Everything I read about this game gets me excited, but for development to constantly be delayed... That has me worried. I just hope its the developer looking to be sure it's great instead of a publisher forcing a summer release instead.

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I'm still not sure about this game hope they release a demo so I can see what it plays like

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Looks good.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I guess we will see how this one turns out.