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Spec Ops: The Line delayed to June 26

2K Games pushes Yager's modern military shooter to summer release on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC; multiplayer preorder perks revealed.


Spec Ops: The Line won't be out this spring, as had been previously expected. 2K Games announced today that the modern military tactical shooter will arrive for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in North America on June 26, with an international release slated for June 29.

Spec Ops: The Line has a new release date. Maybe this one will stick.
Spec Ops: The Line has a new release date. Maybe this one will stick.

2K Games did not note why Spec Ops: The Line was pushed past its previous release window.

In addition to announcing worldwide release dates for Spec Ops: The Line, 2K Games noted that those who preorder the game at participating retailers will score a free upgrade to the "Premium Edition" of the game, which includes multiplayer enhancements.

The first multiplayer perk included with the preorder edition of Spec Ops: The Line will grant players twice the number of experience points during the first week of play. In addition, those who preorder the game will be able to unlock the AK-47 weapon and the officer class at rank one. According to 2K Games, the officer class offers numerous advantages, including reducing damage taken by teammates and increasing the performance of other classes.

Finally, the "Premium Edition" of Spec Ops: The Line includes the FUBAR Pack, which includes accessories exclusive to the preorder version of the game. 2K Games did not say what the specific accessories were, but noted players will be able to customize their characters with these "visually distinctive items."

This is not the first time Spec Ops: The Line has been delayed. When it was originally announced in 2009, the game was expected to ship during late 2011. But last May, the shooter was pushed to mid-2012, before being narrowed in November to a spring 2012 launch.

As for the game, Spec Ops: The Line seeks to augment its tactical shooter gameplay with a compelling narrative. That narrative sees a US Delta reconnaissance squad travel to a sandstorm-ravaged Dubai to investigate the reappearance of a thought-dead colonel.

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