Spawn E3 2000 Hands-On

Capcom's Naomi-based Spawn arcade game is coming to the Dreamcast this September. Here's a look at what we're in for.


The Spawn arcade game was, essentially, a four-player deathmatch game, similar to Midway's War. Players run around from room to room in a third-person perspective, picking up weapons, and hurting each other with guns, grenades, and their bare fists.

The Dreamcast version will allow for four players, using a split screen. Also, new features and modes will be added, such as team battle mode, battle royal, boss attack, character ending movies, collection mode, stage and rules configuration, and a new playable character named Al Simons.

Since the arcade game ran on Sega's Naomi arcade hardware, it's expected that the Dreamcast version will look nearly identical to the original. The Dreamcast version is scheduled to ship in September.

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