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Spartacus Legends fighting game arriving early 2013

Ubisoft bringing brawler based on Starz TV show to unspecified consoles at beginning of next year; Liam McIntyre lending voice and likeness to game.


Starz Entertainment's original Spartacus television show is being spun into a console game. Ubisoft announced today that it will publish Spartacus Legends--a fighting game based on the original TV series--in early 2013 for unspecified consoles.

Heads will roll in the new Spartacus game.
Heads will roll in the new Spartacus game.

According to Ubisoft, Spartacus Legends players will experience the life of a gladiator, from practicing on training grounds to participating in battles in the arena. Players will be tasked with dismembering their foes, and will have thousands of weapon combinations and a "robust" skill system to use along the way.

Players will be able to fight as Spartacus, Crixus, or a user-created gladiator, and take part in fights with friends locally or via online multiplayer. The game also sports a worldwide leaderboard for players to track their progress against others.

Fans of the Spartacus TV show will recognize one of the game's fighters. Liam McIntyre, who took over as Spartacus in the show's second season following the death of Andy Whitfield from cancer in 2011, will lend his voice and likeness to the game. Additionally, McIntrye is reportedly "very involved" with the Spartacus Legends development team, playing early builds and providing feedback.

Not everyone will have to wait until 2013 to play Spartacus Legends, as the game will be playable on the Comic-Con 2012 show floor at the Starz Media booth from today through Sunday.

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