SparkForge fires up

New gamemaker to develop "massively scalable online games" aimed at "leisure gamers" who like MMOGs without the time commitment.


The online gaming market has opened up the floodgates for a number of ideas all looking to capitalize on an industry expecting exponential growth. SparkForge Entertainment, which announced its formation today, is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and will develop what it labels "massively scalable online games." The company is currently working on its first game, which is being built on the SparkForge platform.

"Massively Scalable Online Games (MSOGs) bridge the gap between the single-player market." explained SparkForge CEO Jon Radoff. "The big difference is the 'scalable' word--players will have the choice of using company-sponsored servers, or guilds will be able to setup and run their own customized gaming sites."

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