Space Invaders, Necromachina lead Square Enix digital lineup

Tales of Bearsworth Manor duo rounds out four new downloadable games from Japanese publisher coming to online consoles in coming months.

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Earlier this week, Square Enix offered gamers a glimpse at what to expect from its lineup at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo, announcing in the process new portable installments in its Parasite Eve and Kingdom Hearts franchises.

As it would turn out, the publisher isn't yet done making game announcements prior to this year's show, saying today that it will also have on hand four new downloadable titles that are due for Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, and/or WiiWare releases in the coming months.

Perhaps the highest profile of Square Enix's digital wares is a new installment in Taito's seminal Space Invaders franchise. Titled Space Invaders Infinity Gene, the game begins as a throwback to the classic arcade shooter. However, as players progress, the game accelerates to a frenetic pace, taking on more stylized graphics and power-ups. In addition to standard play, Infinity Gene's Challenge Mode offers 99 randomly generated levels, and a Music Mode builds custom stages based on music pulled from gamers' consoles. Yet to be officially dated, the game will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

On June 21, The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Chaotic Conflicts and The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Puzzling Pages will both arrive for WiiWare. Both described as action puzzle games involving a mysterious picture book, Chaotic Conflicts appears to emphasize more of the combat aspect, while Puzzling Pages deals more with solving brainteasers. The publisher notes that completing both games "uncovers an even deeper mystery."

The aliens have…evolved.
The aliens have…evolved.

Lastly, Necromachina is slated to arrive exclusively for Microsoft's console in the indeterminate future. A side-scrolling 2D action game set in the 22nd century, Necromachina pits players against a horde of inanimate objects--including cars, bridges, and cups--that have come to life. As the elite ninja contingent known as Moondivers, players smash said sentient found objects in an effort to save the world.

Square Enix did not provide a price point for any of the aforementioned titles. Expect more information on all four at next week's industry event in Los Angeles.

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