Space Invaders: Invasion Day announced

Bigben Interactive announces that it will release a new Space Invaders game for the PS2 in Europe later this year. First screens inside.


Bigben Interactive has today announced that it will release Space Invaders: Invasion Day for the PlayStation 2 in Europe on September 5. The budget-priced game, which is currently in development at Sammy, will see players going up against extraterrestrial invaders that have successfully managed to land in a major city on Earth.

Players will assume the role of a young photographer named Ashley, a police officer named Naji, or a leader of a local street kid gang named Justin. Each of the three playable characters will have different attributes, weapons, and paths through the game's story mode, which consists of no less than 50 stages and 10 bosses. In addition to the single-player story mode, Space Invaders: Invasion Day will feature a survival mode in which one or two players can compete for high scores for as long as it takes for their health meter to reach zero. Power-ups in the game will include energy, bombs, and more-powerful weapons, and a version of the original 1978 Taito Space Invaders game will also be available for players to unlock.

Space Invaders: Invasion Day is currently scheduled for release in Europe on September 5. No North American release has been confirmed at this time, but we'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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