Space Hotel Aiming For 2025 Launch

Reach for the stars and fancy hotel living.


A room with a view that's out of this world may not be too far off, as Orbital Assembly has unveiled ambitious plans to build space hotels. Each hotel design will consist of several modules that are connected to each other by elevator shafts--think of a spoked bicycle wheel to get an idea--although the size of each one will greatly differ.

Pioneer Station is aiming to open for business in 2025 and will house 28 people, while the much larger Voyager Station will launch in 2027 and will be capable of accommodating up to 400 space tourists. Orbital Assembly says its goal is to create a space "business park" home to offices as well as tourists, while also gradually lowering the exorbitant price barrier that only Earth's richest billionaires have been capable of footing.

"The goal has always been to make it possible for large amounts of people to live, work, and thrive in space," Orbital Assembly COO Tim Alatorre explained to CNN Travel.

The station design will also allow for an artificial gravity of sorts, as it'll generate force from its rotational momentum that will gather at the perimeter of each station. Artificial gravity won't be present at the station center though, and Pioneer's gravity will feel different due to its smaller size.

Internally, the stations will have a design aesthetic inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey and more modern aesthetics, with renderings of these living spaces being surprisingly spacious.

Much to the regret of Tim Curry.

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