Space Empires: Starfury announced

Shrapnel Games announces that it will publish the next game in Malfador Machinations' Space Empires series.


Space Empires: Starfury

Shrapnel Games has today announced that it will publish Space Empires: Starfury from Malfador Machinations in July. The game, which is the sequel to the strategy game Space Empires IV, will mark something of a departure for the series, since players will assume the role of a single starship captain rather than an interstellar ruler.

"In the past Aaron Hall and Malfador Machinations have allowed players to create vast empires in space," said Tim Brooks, president and founder of Shrapnel Games. "This time, instead of players examining the universe from a god's-eye view, they'll be down in the trenches commanding one starship, which will be very exciting. Imagine the thrill of you sitting in the captain's chair, making the all-important decisions."

Space Empires: Starfury will feature 12 different classes of ships for players to pilot, with a total number of customizable vessels in excess of 50. The game's open-ended gameplay will allow players to pursue any career they choose, perhaps earning their money legitimately as a merchant, or opting for a more dangerous life as a mercenary or intergalactic pirate. Fans of previous games in the Space Empires series can look forward to meeting alien races from those games face-to-face, and Shrapnel Games is also promising that players will be able to mod the game as they see fit.

We'll bring you more information on Space Empires: Starfury as soon as it becomes available.

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