Soviet Assault March-ing onto PC

Long-awaited World in Conflict expansion due on desktops in two months; release plans for console versions remain conspicuously unannounced.


When the merged Activision-Vivendi dropped a host of games from its roster last year, it left developers and franchises alike in limbo. Among the more notable of these were Massive Entertainment and the multiplatform Soviet Assault expansion to its freshly established real-time strategy series, World in Conflict.

And boom goes the dynamite.
And boom goes the dynamite.

Ubisoft acquired Massive in November, picking up the World in Conflict brand in the process. However, the publisher did not address release plans for Soviet Assault until today.

Ubisoft has announced that World in Conflict: Soviet Assault will arrive on the PC in March. Gamers will be able to pick it up at retailers as part of the World in Conflict: Complete Edition bundle, while those who already own the original game will be able to purchase the expansion online.

While that news may be comforting for PC gamers, their console counterparts will notice that Ubisoft made no mention of the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 editions of World in Conflict: Soviet Assault. Both had been announced by Vivendi Games, with Soviet Assault for the Xbox 360 originally intended for a fall 2007 release (the PS3 edition was first pegged as a fall 2008 release). However, since acquiring Massive and the World in Conflict brand, Ubisoft has not addressed any release plans for the console versions of the game.

Inquiries to Ubisoft representatives about the status of Soviet Assault for the Xbox 360 and PS3 went unreturned as of press time.

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