SouthPeak takes on State of Emergency 2

Riotous game grabs yet another publisher; PSP version in, PS2 version stays, Xbox and PC versions still out?


State of Emergency 2

If the gameplay of State of Emergency 2 is anything like the game's rocky road to retail, plenty of mayhem and chaos should ensue. SOE2, on its second developer, now has its second publisher, and its umpteenth release date.

SouthPeak Interactive today announced that it will publish State of Emergency 2 for the PlayStation 2 and the PSP. The publisher's previous effort was Combat Elite: WWII Paratroopers for the PS2 and Xbox. Playlogic was the game's previous publisher, but has since relinquished its role in the project. The game is being developed by DC Studios, which picked up the project from VIS Entertainment. VIS was unable to continue development after the company filed for bankruptcy in April.

The addition of a PSP version, due in fall of 2006, bodes well for handheld users, but Xbox and PC versions of SOE2 are still missing in action. The PlayStation 2 edition has a new release date of February 2006 for the US and March 2006 for Europe.

The game is the sequel to 2002's State of Emergency, which was the first title Rockstar Games published after its smash hit, Grand Theft Auto III. SOE2 brings back the thugs from the original for more lootin' and riotin', all in the name of bringing down an evil global government known only as "The Corporation." Players can hop into vehicles, control swarms of gangs, and interrogate captives for vital info.

Pricing and rating information for both versions of State of Emergency 2 have not yet been released.

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