SouthPeak revs soar 307 percent

"Overwhelming demand" for casual DS game My Baby boosts Legendary publisher's holiday-quarter sales to $17.3 million.


Game companies have been coping with the current severe economic climate with various degrees of success. One that's thriving is SouthPeak Interactive, which bought upstart publisher Gamecock last October.

Today, the Virginia-based publisher reported its fiscal results for the three-month period ended December 31, revealing that revenues for the quarter skyrocketed 307 percent to $17.3 million. Profit saw an equally impressive climb, growing to $1.16 million from the $280,000 during the same period in 2007.

Baby gets a hug!
Baby gets a hug!

"We are very pleased with our solid financial results for the quarter," SouthPeak chairman Terry Phillips said in a statement. "We attribute the strong financial results to our diversified portfolio, tightly managed costs, and strict supervision of the retail channel and field inventory levels... We remain poised for strong growth and remain cautiously optimistic about the overall retail environment for our products."

SouthPeak's casual lineup led sales for the October-December period. Namely, the publisher said that its Nintendo DS game My Baby Boy/Girl enjoyed "overwhelming demand" during the all-important holiday period. Other top sellers during the period included the well-received strategy game Ninjatown, as well as the critically lambasted Legendary. All said, the publisher saw its entire catalog shift 885,000 units during the period, up from 237,000 units for the same period a year ago.

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What is it with this company South Peak...they make this crappy game and also make Raven Squad and Two Worlds and all these games just suck so bad!!! Just WOW...they should say we are a game developer that makes crappy games for suckers....I mean gamers!

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It's a odd game but that's Nintendo. But for it's sales to soar 307%!! That's good if that continues.

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This is a case of company setting up for only short-term success.

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Can you drop the baby? Or feed it anti-freeze for the fun of it? Or smoke cigarettes/drink alcohol while it's in the womb? Then have it grow up all deformed and stuff? That'd be sweet.

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just curious, have any of the haters here played "My Baby Boy", or are you just saying it's crap because it has the word Baby in it? I mean is it a good game for kids? Is it selling well for a reason?

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Lets see this recession changed a lot of rules in the gaming industry. Though Ninjatown was good. On southpeak It seems companies that create shovelware and uninspired, horrible gaming IPs are doing good. While the companys that are releasing an original new IP and not a yearly sequel are doing bad. I wonder why.

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My god, how many babyz games can there be?!

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hmm tidy spidy you argue a strong point how ever maybe they will use the money to improve you never can tell though i am leaning toward producing more not so great games in the future... i am just saying give them a chanch

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Southpeak? The people behind Two Worlds? Wow, just wow. I'm actually angry.

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I'm so happy that Ninjatown was well received because I love that game and I've already got another person to buy it. Its sad that it couldn't be their main seller because now we will get more casual crap instead of a sequel.

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I've never heard of this company or game...and I thought the title said "Southpark" which is why I clicked on it.

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@sgt-hawkins - it's called having an opinion. watching a company make such huge profits from a plainly AWFUL game is distasteful when you think of all the losses happening to companies that actually put care and effort into decent games. I find THAT distasteful.

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you should be ashamed of yourselves a company is doing good and may improve and you are bashing them distasteful

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Undeserved. That's all I have to say.

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I work at a wal-mart and every time I have to sell this game I almost vomit at the insane lack of good taste I consistently see all around me. I'm not saying they need to like the same games I like but come on. Pick a game that's worth 30 bucks. UGHS.

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so wheres the layoffs? Even companies that are making huge profits are laying people off.

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run to the hills dark days acoming soon itll be " capcom relases its new toddler simulator to massive public apporval resident evil 6 ( a recreation of resident evil 2 for this generation of consol) has been officially scrapped"

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These guys made an awesome paintball game wayyyyyyyyy back in the day. I will always love them for that. Ultimate Paintball Challenge is the name if you want to check it out.

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legendary is way underated, the game is actually not bad.

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At least they arent as bad as the ultimate wii Shovelware publisher...Conspiracy! But.....they do have ways to go before becoming liked by the hardcore crowd. Longgggg way.

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Telekenesis123, It buuuuuuuuurns! No more Baybyz, agahhaaggh

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Southpeak revs. soar 307 percent= C.E.O./P.R. BULL$H!T They are ONE of the MOST HORRIBLE, if not THE MOST HORRIBLE Devs./publishers out there! You can polish a turd....You know the rest Southpeak.

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"ColdfireTrilogy Posted Feb 19, 2009 3:33 pm GMT -12 frown face .... my PS3 and Xbox360 are getting invaded by games that are more suitable to a PS2 or Xbox .... what gives." -------------------- Development costs, not every publisher/developer is a behemoth.

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i hate south peak... they made two worlds. i will never forgive them. EVER.

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frown face .... my PS3 and Xbox360 are getting invaded by games that are more suitable to a PS2 or Xbox .... what gives.

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Why don't good games sell like that? because there are 15 generic 'hardcore' violent game to one game like this. Females are 50% of the population and Most female gamers will play 'my baby girl/boy' long before they will play Ninjatown (or any other game based on violence). Game developers are just starting to figure out that girls will play games too... if they are games that are geared to girls. I just have to make sure that my 11yr old daughter doesn't see this page or I'm going to hear about it... DAAADDD I REEEAALLYY want it ... PUULLLEEZZEEE... (followed by the killer "i love you dad")

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I'm still playing Ninjatown, pretty cool game

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Isn't this a sign of the end of the world? I'll at least give them credit for Ninja Town

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I thought these guys were long gone. For my gaming needs, they might as well be.

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who buys that crap?? Why can't actual good games sell copies like that??